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  1. Thanks very much for the stills mvmac, they really show a lot about where my backswing is going wrong. I wondered did you or anyone else have any thoughts on the release through the ball. I've struggled to release the club before and I am never sure how much of this should be through the hips turning through the shot and how much should be the arms/wrists turning over. Maybe the release of the club would be easier if I had a back swing more like Grant in the picture above though? Thanks again for the help. With Pace.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys!! I'll post a head on shot below. Losing my height has always been a problem in my swing. When I try to stand up straighter throughout I seem to lose a lot of power or something. I also fell like I'm reaching to get down to the ball on the downswing. It's probably because I've been so used to swinging the club this way. In relation to the arm swing, I've been told by my pro that I should swing my arms quite vertically up but turn my shoulders around flat (i.e. not to tilt my shoulders). I would be interested to get anyone's thoughts on this. You'll no
  3. Hey all, I'm new to the Forum and I thought I's post a video of my swing here to see what you all thought. I always seem to follow through drastically to the left of the target rather than extending my arms outward toward the target, I think it's because I'm trying to square the club up. Whatever it is, its not anything like the follow through the pros or other better players have. I also have a very upright swing, which I would like to get people's thoughts on, particularly in light of the fact that I often hit the ball extremely high. I can hit a 4 iron the height some h
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