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  1. come from switzerland and we basiclly play our hcp in tournaments....so yeah, ntg with chosing the round, that counts ;-)
  2. Yeah and so for the guy, who's just started playing...... Aussie rules r made after a good round with mates signing the card or what?
  3. Stretch, phantastic research there! Guess i'll have to settle for that... ....wine's on me... If you are a connaiseur it will be a 1990 Vega siciilia....
  4. Cool guys! Thanks for your contributions.... Didnt get me anwhere closer to the answer if i can t that number for all Golfers worldwide but following this thread the percentage of Golfers playing off that HPC Ranges from 5-15 percentage.... Think my mate will be the One coming up for that bottle
  5. first number i saw for total golfers worldwide was around 60 mio.....i would have thought that something like 15 % play off that sort of hcp....so my guess at 8.5 mio wasn t that bad after all :-)
  6. Have a running bet with a mate of mine.....How many Golfers do you folks out there think play off a hcp 16 or better?....My number came in a state of too much red wine, so recon it s a bit too high....8.500.000 it was .....
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