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  1. iluvgolf

    New Cleveland Drivers?

    update on sl 290: i cut my shaft 1 inch from the butt end. its even better. i can swing as hard as i can and its more accurate. cheers
  2. iluvgolf

    New Cleveland Drivers?

    cleveland SL290 is amazing. I am a believer in shafts. about 6 months back i bought mizuno mp630 with fubuki shaft in stiff. the face angle is wee bit open and the shaft tip very very firm, so my gentle fades were turning into slices. gave it away to a friend. next i bought nike machspeed black again a fubuki but a 50 gram good club very light, was hitting it perfect was not getting any roll plus the temptation to fiddle with str8 fit drove me nuts, sold it. then after my love affair with fubuki shafts i read about project x shafts and ended up buying diablo octane tour 8.5 stiff, bad mistake the shaft in tour model is 70 grams. just didnt feel right . and remember i bought these without hitting demos coz in india golf aint big and u just buy whatever is in your local proshop or order online from tgw. anyway exchanged the diablo for cleveland SL290. the Miyazaki c kua is the real thing and not the watered down version as in other clubs. it freakin loads so well and hits the ball a mile. played my first round and hit 12 fairways and the other 2 were in first cut. shot 73 on par 72 course. Buy this.............. its orgasmic. cheers

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