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  1. I played yesterday and had a great day. I managed to get my first eagle ever. It's was a par 5 about 527m(goes about 300m until it dog legs hard left). Pulled out my new Cleveland Launcher 460 and blasted it beautifully down until where it starts turning. Pulled out a 3iron(hybrid) and hit it sweetly and dropped it about 2m from the pin. For once my putter didnt let me down and i dropped it for 3.
  2. Hi all, Got a beginner-intermediate set of clubs and I've been playing with them for about 3 months now. My swing is getting pretty constant but I tend to fade my driver BIG time. The other woods have very little fade. I can feel my swing speed has increased from 80mph to about 90mph. Could part of my problem with my driver be the shaft. It is a regular flex shaft. Would it help to go and spend some cash and upgrade it to a stiffer shaft? Thanx
  3. Played yesterday again and my chipping was excellent. I have been trying a few things I read here like swinging more up than around. Thanx all!
  4. I had a lesson the other day and have started hitting the ball much better. The lesson covered all my long shots. I played the very next day and found that on a par 4 i put the ball on the green or very near depending on length and how well I hit it. The problem is now my chipping. I battle to judge how far i'm gonna chip. Any tips on how to chip better? Thanx!
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