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    Pro AMs

    I, for one, would like to inquire on a Pro-Am that might be inexpensive/fun to play in? I once asked /checked about the Pro-Am (sept I believe) on euro tour. It was 9K euro's *but* you got 3 days play in. Olde Course/Kings Barns/Carnoustie courses, all within 45 min's of one another. To me, that'd be memorable but I didn't get in, perhaps I'm a nobody & they want bigger fish to fry. Any inputs?
  2. Anybody played this course? I hear its off the charts???
  3. I've reread the posts..... what I'm trying to find out is THE BEST WAY to help out my transition problems when things get a bit tight....I do ok wi/general nerves (for an olde farte) but its my transition mainly. Again, any suggestions????? Thanks in advance
  4. Played Wolf Creek...LOVED IT!!!! Best course there! Sorry you missed it
  5. I think that since Tiger won @ Arnie's he should go from having *everything about everything* re: him discussed 99% of the time, instead of just the 98% of the time it has been for the past few years.
  6. I went to this a couple years ago...not a buyer...I simply logged onto website-got head guy-emailed him and asked for tickets....he was kind enough to send to me...I LOVED it! Spent 5 1/2 hrs there and that wasn't enough! Most booths ignored me when they noticed I wasn't a buyer, but I didn't mind-could understand that! I just had a ball though...I'd reccommend it to anyone! (Also the PGA store in Atlanta (up on 400) is a close 2nd!)
  7. whats the golf grip that gives.....just a little....anybody know name of it???
  8. Looks like something that couldn't get thru TSA/Airports no...wait....EVERYTHING gets thru those mental midgets......fergit it
  9. When things are tight.....(even in a little ole club championship-etc) I have a tendency to get quick in transition....(plus lift head-etc) Any suggestions on how to alleviate these crunch-time tendencies or even to lower heart rate?
  10. we had a 4some infront of us at our club....they were "AM-TOUR" folks. our round took 5hrs 45 min! I wish I were lying......:( THAT, in and of itself, shows me I don't want to even consider this!
  11. Took the following on 2012 $ title Cauley-100/to/1 Kim----- 40/to/1 Keegan--66/to/1 Bubba Wats-80/to/1 and hedged a bit wi/tiger--9/2 Whadya think?
  12. luke again??? wow.....repeating in golf is as tough as foots/superbowl-etc.... I like your scott/rory pix (rory=a few more PGA tourneys + he's hot hot hot...and scott finally learning to putt (with new putter))
  13. Who do you think will win the money(not Fed-Ex) title? Rory intrigues......as does Keegan. I'm not sure about Tiger (he won a small'ish tourney so I'm unsure if he's turned the corner totally)....I took Phil/Vegas/and Mahan in 2011....no go. I just like one who's in alot of tourneys-Luke was an abberation (19 tourneys he's in/14 top 10's...amazing).... I also like Anthony Kim after year of injury and perhaps maturing a bit.....along with Watney 'n DJ... Tell me...what do ya think????
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