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  1. I actually haven't hit a fairway wood in quite some time. The last time I used one was when I first started to play. The thing worked like a shovel in my hands.
  2. I'm sorry if this is overdone. I just want to compare. I've been debating about adding a 3 wood to my bag, and I just want to see if people are still using their fairways, but here it is: Driver: Cobra S2 10.5 Baffler: Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrid 4, 22 Irons: Cobra Gravity Back 3-PW Wedge: Cobra Spin Wedge (really old one, but it works like a hammer) Putter: Scotty Cameron TEI3 and Scotty Cameron 97 CLN Proto Balls: Whatever's cheap Golf Towel: My wife's current, clean kitchen towel
  3. I would tell you what it is, but I think that might be against the rules since it would be a loop hole. I have signed up for WRX. I just found it. Thanks
  4. I'm selling. The problem is that buyers can scam just as well as a seller can. I sold a custom gun holster on ebay once upon a time. The buyer made a claim with ebay saying that I sent him the wrong item. They refunded his money via my papypal account, and I never got the holster back. My auction had plenty of pictures. Sigh The other problem is that I can't determine the true value of my club. One says $500; another says 6; another says $1,000.
  5. My problem isn't the shipping, it's the scammers.
  6. What do you guys think? I hate ebay, and I try to avoid it. Where do you think I should go to fetch $500 for a single club? I'd love to list it here, but I don't post enough to be an established member.
  7. How about a Cobra S2? You can cheat your way out of a hook, and it's quite forgiving. My father-in-law used it the other day, and he said it was quite comfortable, and he's as broken as you are.
  8. It depends on how I feel, which determines if I divot consistently. If I'm playing angry golf at the range (quickly hitting the ball one after the other out of frustration), I'm pretty consistent. It's when I slow down to think that I lose any consistency at all. I will try to pay attention to my elbows to see if it will help.
  9. Hi! I'm really new at golf, about 10 weeks into it. I took a 7 week golf course going once a week, and now, I am hitting the ball consistently. The problem is, every club I pull, I hit about 175 yards. That's driver, 4 hybrid, and 7 iron. I did some research, and it seems to be something called casting. Do you think this is the case, and how should I go about fixing this?
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