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  1. I want to boost my game with Adipower Boost: Brooks Koepka -10 Robert Streb -10 Justin Thomas -10
  2. I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls Martin Kaymer -12 Henrik Stenson -12 Paul Casey -12
  3. I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver! Brooks Koepka -6 Gary Woodland -6 Boo Weekley - 6
  4. This beef was about removing a leaf. Maybe Watson was attacking becuase he was ASSuming something based on Gary's reputation. It's time to let it go when the only two other players in the field said it was okay by them. The point of it all is was just trying to put some perspective to all those posts decrying "classless" Phil for inappropriately attacking "poor old" Tom Watson, when Watson himself would never hesitate to call someone out regardless of the circumstances or implications.
  5. Sorry, but I corrected post while you were responding to say they saw nothing wrong in what Player did.
  6. Yeah, um only he didn't. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were part of that Skins game foursome and saw nothing wrong in what Player did (removing a leaf from behind his ball). No skins were won on the hole as Watson, Player and Nicklaus all ended up with pars. And there was no other field to protect. Watson was just being an over competitive, dictitorial a-hole, making an accusation without thinking of the implications. Player to this day, says it still hurt him greatly.
  7. My guess is a lot of these guys just don't like Phil and have no knowledge of Watson the player or person. If you want to talk about speaking out of turn or throwing someone under the bus, how about poor little grandpa Watson accusing golfing Legend Gary Player of cheating in a ceremonial, made for TV, Skins Game? Talk about hurting someone, Gary still carries the wounds from that one.
  8. Okay, here you go. The post is about Rory having a lack of star power and the general consenus (except for you and maybe one or two others) is prolific winning bring star power. To this end Zipazoid made a very representative reference to a tubby Jack Nicklaus in his early days coming up against the very charismatic Arnold Palmer and his army and being called Fat Jack etc. In the end Jack became widely popular because of his numerous big victories, not because of how he looked or where he was from. There, doubtless you will still balk, but that's it and I'm done.
  9. Yeah you missed a lot and it's not worth explaining to you.
  10. +1 For the extremely accurate and apt historical analogy.
  11. Leverage Squats: 200 lbs x 25, 290 x 20, 380 x 12, 430 x 8 Vertical Leg Press: 4 sets of 430 x 15
  12. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330-RX golf balls: Charl Schwartzel -12 Geoff Oglivy -11 Colin Montgomerie -10
  13. I can only go by what Rory said. On Saturday night, the very next thing out of his mouth after answering the question about what it would mean to win the Open, was THE MASTERS. Rory most likely could care less about the FedEx Cup.
  14. I say Rory. I think he will do it right off the bat next year. As soon as he holed out on 18 yesterday, that became all he is thinking about. I don't think Tiger will get to 15th until his career is on the wain. I believe it will come in one last hurrah like Jack in 1986.
  15. I will add to this that Tiger in his prime was an incredibly agressive putter in the mold of Palmer and Watson and once that ability left those two, they were done winning majors.
  16. I don't think Phil will return to form. But that is relative as he was playing at such a high level and I don't believe he will be that force again. The main focus of his career at this point is to add the US Open to his trophy case and I think he'll contend there a few more times, much like Arnold Palmer did at similar ages from 1972 thru 1975.
  17. For me, links courses have always played easier due to their lack of obstructions and the extra roll provided by the burnt out conditions.
  18. A Three Musketeers, a ball point pen, one of those pocket combs, a pint of Old Harper, a couple of flash light batteries and some beef jerky .
  19. Exactly. It is worth spending the extra money for superior materials and craftmanship. You just neeed to educate yourself on what to look for.
  20. As somone who is more than just reasonably fit, I would still say of course it's somewhat of an endurance test and I can understand why some people would be looking for ways to improve their performance in that regard. I'm certainly not going to act like they are being ridiculous just because it's not that big of a deal to me.
  21. I lift heavy (in excess of 400lbs on certain exercises) 3 times a week, run 4-5 miles every other day and I say carrying your golf bag for 18 holes is exercise.
  22. I always take 5 Hour Energy at the turn to prevent back 9 fatigue.
  23. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver Charl Schwartzel -13 Freddie Jacobson -11 David Duval -12
  24. I hate it when people want to fall back on that. You have a duty to keep up with the group in front of you regardless.
  25. But it doesn't get the viewership and that was my point. Look, I picked Kaymer in the contest and won second prize, so I don't need somone telling me what works and what doesn't especially when that wasn't what was being discussed. JEEEEZZZZZE.
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