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  1. I focus on my spine angel and keeping my right knee turned slightly in to keep from swaying. Those 2 things have helped my game a lot in the past year. Even after taking 3.5 months off for winter I was able to come back out shooting where I left off and even slightly better.
  2. Age: 30 Height: 5'10" Where are your from: Wilmington, DE How long have you been playing: 3 years (seriously, played before but just on occasion) Best score: 78 Favorite club in the bag: PW Golf books/DVDs that have helped you: haven't read any books or watched any dvds about golf or golf swing dynamics Where do you play: Northern Delaware mostly Best courses you've played so far: White Clay Creek CC, Hartefeld National Things you enjoy most about golf: Being outdoors, golfing alone and with friends, the competition to improv
  3. Golf is a hobby for most people that play it. I play because I love the sport, I like the challenge, and it gives me something to do to relax and enjoy myself outside of work and everything else going on. Not to say the game doesn't piss me off from time to time, but it only takes one great shot to forget about the 3 horrible shots I made previously. It's not an easy game to play and play well, I think that's why I love it. But if the time comes that I no longer enjoy playing and actual dread waking up at 6 a.m to make a tee time, then I will take some time off from the game or just qui
  4. Before I start, I've only broken into the 70's 3 times but I shoot usually around 82-84. I played in high school and the first time I ever played was when I tried out for the team. I made it because they really didn't have enough people anyway lol. But I played for 2 years in high school and after high school I only played maybe 5-10 rounds a year at most. Then last year I decided I wanted to become a decent golfer. So I started off in the low 100's high 90's with a goal of breaking into the 80's at some point last year. I played about 60 rounds last year and about 30 rounds in I broke
  5. At least 75% of my time golfing is done solo or partnered up with other singles. That's a great part of the game, you don't need anyone else to play with you. I find it more relaxing when I play by myself. I don't need to keep a conversation going, I can just enjoy the game, relax, and concentrate on hitting my shots. I don't have a ton of friends that golf, and the ones that do have opposite schedules as me or can't golf as much as I do.
  6. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Towards the end of the round I was a little exhausted so I was losing some yardage but other than that I was just drenched in sweat haha.
  7. Last year in the heat wave, I played at 2pm, 110 heat index, 90+% humidity. annnnd I'll be playing today after work as well, should be around 93 by time I get out. I live in Delaware by the way.
  8. I'm a steady pace player. I can finish a round in under 2 hours with cart if I'm by myself and no one is in front of me. Even when I play with others, i figure out my distance, choose a club, take 1-2 practice swings, hit my shot, and move on.
  9. I've wanted to take a lesson but it isn't cheap, and there is plenty I can learn from reading online and taking video of my swing to see what I need to correct. If i was given a lesson as a gift I'm sure I would take it and probably by additional lessons if what I learned helped and the instructor was good and nice.
  10. I have a problem of only slicing my driver and hybrids. Every other club I hit straight or with a draw. I don't know how my driver is the really the only club affected by this. And it's about 50% of the time I hit a slice with my driver, the other 50% its straight or has a draw. I've tried turning my forearms over at impact, it seems to work but I also lose yardage. I've adjusted the club face while in my grip but that doesnt work all the time. I've moved my back foot further away from the ball, doesnt seem to work all the time either. I think I just need to get to the range and concentrate on
  11. 3 wood was by far the best investment I've made as far as my clubs go. I've gained the most use from it. My new driver was nice, but not a ton better than my previous one. My new putter is nice but I'm not shooting any better with it. My irons were a huge help but that was a whole set, and i got a 54 and 58 degree wedge that has helped but not enough to warrant having both. The 3 wood on the other hand has opened up my game a lot. I use it now on almost all par 5's, I'll use it off the tee box for tight windows, the list goes on.
  12. Depressing as it pertains to this thread lol. Or botching the birdie putt from a foot. But its not really depressing, just hoping I that I finally hit an ace only to see it did not happen. But I'll take that shot all day long.
  13. I've never hit an ace, only a few within a foot. A few I have hit and knew they would be close to the pin or in, but I get up to the green and see the ball sitting next to the cup, depressing.
  14. I played on twilight on thursday at a different course and ended up shooting a 78, but we had to play the back nine twice because of a league. The front 9 is actually a little easier so I may have shot better. My short game was on point and chipping I was leaving myself some decent chances for birdie but choked those away for par. Thats 3 rounds in the 70's (my goal this year was to break into the 70's). I played yesterday as well at my home course and shot an 84, I played well but a few clubs I just wasn't hitting like I did at the other course.
  15. I played at a new course I've never been to yesterday, and I will never be back. It was by far the worst course I have ever played! The greens where brown, with bumps and cracks all over, the fairway was the same as the rough. My front yard is in better shape. Just horrible. I don't know how they even charge. I shot a 78 but we set a 2 putt max on the greens and I had lost so many balls due to not being able to find them in the fairway it was ridiculous, so no where an accurate score. I'll be playing my home course for a while after playing that mess.
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