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  1. I'm the Competitions Secretary at our club. We told the members that in competitions that require a scorecard they won't get cards prepared by the committee, nor should they prepare their own, instead the card they prep is for the player they are marking. At the end of the round they check the scores with their player, then input the score online on their behalf, then keep the card on the player's behalf - just in case we (the committee) need to see an photo of that card - so that no cards are swapped. All pretty simple, right? And yet, at our tee closure competitions, I still see members swapping cards at the end. I've even had a couple walk up to hand their card (or card) to me to input the scores for them, like we used to pre-Covid. I just don't get it!
  2. Well you just get everywhere, dontcha! By the way, I joined before you, so... Welcome to TST, BK!
  3. FFS. No sign of the same here in England.
  4. Sorry for the silly-long delay in replying! The course closed in October 2016. I've never been back to the park. Our club (Braeside GC) survived after moving to Selsdon Golf Course and we're doing pretty well, except for the women's section which has dwindled badly. The other club (Beckenham GC) disappeared after moving/merging to somewhere else that wouldn't allow to retain their identity (I think they only had around 10 active members).
  5. Like any of you need me to confirm anything, I'm still going to chime in. On Sunday I played in my club February Medal Stableford competition. I hit 97 shots and scored 34 points (17 out, 17 in). My playing handicap is 25, and this is only the 6th time I've broken 100. I scored a 4-over on the first, and a three over on the 14th and 18th, but the first two of these were the only zero-points holes (the 18th was still worth 1 point). The rest of the round I had six double-bogies, six bogies, and three pars. But the reason I'm chiming in is not to show off (though I am pretty chuffed with this round), but because so many things mentioned in the OP were things I was doing. The best example would be the 16th. This hole (much like the 1st, 17th, and 18th) is from the top of the valley, across a ditch at the bottom of the then up again to the green on the other side. This green is particularly obviously raised, not just because it's at the top of the valley side. After my tee shot, which only just made it over the ditch I still had 134 yards to go. So, for me (I'm a short hitter), and particularly on a winter day, this would have to be a very good shot to get a GiR. Since there are two nasty bunkers at the front I decided to lay up and play for par or bogey. Now, although my lay-up shot didn't go as far as I wanted to, I was still left with a pretty unchallenging PW to get on, which I made. Two putts later, I was walking off with a bogey for 2 points. Similar deal on the 15th (SI 1). An OK tee shot ended on the right of the fairway. It's another raised green, and I was blocked off by a big oak tree (this hole requires a tee shot that ends on the left of the fairway for a clear shot in). Heroics were pointless, so, an easy hybrid lay-up left me with a SW on the green. Two putts for bogey: 3 points. This was also only the second time I've broken 100 on my home course. My point, which matches the overall point by the OP, johnclayton1982, is that it's about scoring, not hitting. It felt like this was the first time I was playing golf rather than just hitting shots and seeing what would happen. i.e. I was thinking my way around, and playing percentages. I had a good day off the tee, which obviously helps a lot. But again, this matches johnclayton1982's point. My longest drive was just 178 yards, only one other reached 170 yards, but I only missed three fairways, and as a result, I was always in a good position to progress towards, or on to, the green. i.e. short and straight is better than long and wrong. Can't give johnclayton1982 any credit though. I read this thread for the first time just yesterday. ;-) Still, it's a great article. So good I've saved it to my Evernote so I can refer to it wherever I am.
  6. Lewisham Council wants to close my local golf course in Beckenham Place Park, citing lack of use. However they're ignoring inconvenient details such as other park users (i.e. non-golfers) like the presence of golfers as it makes them feel safe (because rather than an otherwise 'deserted' space, where a walker might wonder about the motives of someone else in the park, there is a steady stream of golf players who know what they're doing and so effectively exert some authority of safety), and that the lack of attendance figures cited by Lewisham are actually wholly inaccurate. So please, show your support for the fight against this shallow, box-ticking exercise, and sign the e-petition and pass it on to anyone you know who likes golf (or even anyone who doesn't) http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/70912 Thank you in advance, and happy new year.
  7. Well, I've come across RdB's videos now and again but it only clicked with me last night what he seems to be saying. I liked the idea (or what I've interpreted is the idea) so much I went to try it at the range tonight. Some of my swings utterly sucked, I think because I was relaxing too much and losing control of the club. However, some of them felt really good and had some good results too, I swear I was hitting the driver about 10-20 yards further (note, that only means 160-170 rather than 150-160...) So, I have some reason to think this swing model is a good one, even if the essence of the message is to "relax, dude!". The VideoJug video by Rickard Strongert (referenced by the original poster of this thread) has the same kind of 'swing, don't hit' message. My only concern is the detrimental effect this seemed to be having on my lower half movement in that I seemed to have completely lost any of the drive I used to create from my hips etc. JP
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