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  1. Gregoryhouse

    Why is Polygamy Illegal?

    Being so hard to bear one wife I can't imagine why someone would marry more than one...... Just kidding..... In my home country (Argentina) poligamy is both illegal and a crime. Being a judge myself (not in family matters) I think it has to do with the idea of family as the union of one man and one woman with the purpose of procreate. This concept made difficult to legalize gay marriages and led to a complete reform of Civil Laws, but not in the poligamy issues. I hope you get the answer you're looking for
  2. Gregoryhouse

    Playing Alone

    Playing alone is good for my game and bad for my pocket. Being blind as a bat as I am by the time I've lost 10.000 balls I get bored..........
  3. Gregoryhouse

    627yds/par 5. Is this normal?

    In my home course we have a 603 yd. par 5, but that´s not all folks! 1) A water hazard prevents you from hitting the driver off the tee, 2) There's OB just in the right side of the fairway; 3) 4 cross bunkers were set in the left side of the fairway (obviously with lots of rough); 4) The fairway goes up all the way
  4. Gregoryhouse

    The Best (worst) Spelling and Grammar Errors Thread

    I'm thrilled that you guys kept me out! Living in a spanish talking country I am really surprised:D
  5. Gregoryhouse

    Golf Vs. Guitar

    Epiphone guitars are cheap and great. I own a Dot

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