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  1. I haven't decided who are my favourite yet, but the show is interesting. It really reminds me of the amazing race.
  2. He's going to be riding a major confidence boost and a high for a while :)
  3. In Canada they are just too expensive right now, especially if you want a decent plan. I'll wait for a while.
  4. I think im going to order this book, one of my friends said it made him loose 5 putting strokes a round just from reading it.
  5. I thought she did really well. Once her putting becomes consistent she will do even better on the tour.
  6. 1) Dont ovethink :) 2) Head down 3) Body Quiet 4) Be confident
  7. Your swing looks good. Try to maybe lower your center of gravity a little bit, as you seem slightly off balance. (This may be because you are wearing sandals?). This will help you add power and consistency.
  8. Haha this is a good analogy. This is very true, grip pressure is key along with a good shoulder turn.
  9. I have a few and often use theme in my basement of the carpet to practice chipping. They work great!
  10. Nice man, keep it up. I got my first birdie the other day, it was a short par four and i drover it about 250 and straight for one the first times ever, stupid slice -_-. I managed to put my second shot into a pot bunker on the left and hit a perfect bunker shot out that rolled into the hole :). I loved that feeling, have fun.
  11. I have both the 3DX iron set and 3DX square driver. Love the irons, they are great. Hybrids are amazing and veyr forgiving. Driver read great reviews, tried it, bought it. Now i dont like it very much it doesnt help that much and a good swing must be put on it to get the ball up in the air. Teeing the ball higher does help with this.
  12. To you as well. Ive been listening to the CBC and how they are having celebration in the square, cool. For us that live in Canada, a few more hours till fireworks!
  13. It seems like few divots are repaired, due to the speed of play.
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