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  1. Not sure why, but I always hit my 5 wood longer than my 3 wood. Loft maybe? Picked up the rbz 3 HL ( 17*) . I'm hitting this thing 260- 270. I hit my driver 280 - 290 tops with much less accuracy. I can see this club replacing my driver altogether. Is a driver worth 20 more yards?The rbz fairways are long.
  2. Thanks for the info... Good stuff.
  3. Yes. The mats are hollowed out pretty good, would that be it you think?
  4. I have never shanked the ball when hitting off of grass...thank god. But when I'm at a range hitting off the artificial mats it happens often. Has anyone experienced this too? What is the possible cause of this?
  5. I almost bought the 59 s too but went with the 53 s for the same reason. Awesome clubs. I really like how consistent the yardages are compared to GI clubs. Also got fitted for my wedges this time around... Can't believe what a difference it's made. Also, I find the look and feel of mizunos r-12 wedge amazing.
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