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  1. I got back from the driving range about an hour and half ago and that is precisely what I tried to find...my optimum tee height. I started teeing it too low but found the right height. You were dead-on; it was simply a matter of teeing the ball too high. I have been doing that for the past year or two, so it frustrates me that I hadn't experimented earlier. I guess it's just that teeing it lower feels so foreign to me but if it keeps working and I hit the ball on the flight I did today, I'll be very happy. Seems to me that the ball flight issue has been solved. Now, I just need to keep ensuring that my weight transfer is timely and my game should be close to where I want it to be before the snow flies. I am really looking forward to the 2012 golf season. By March, my shoulder should be nearly healed and much stronger.
  2. Thanks....yeah, I'm back from the grass range and I practiced teeing the ball lower - had to use some trial and error regarding the best tee height - but I am teeing the ball moderately lower, which did pay off. I'd call the end result a medium ball flight and I did seem to hit it well too. As a secondary goal today, I tried to ensure that I transferred my weight properly. From the balls I could see (have cataracts), my accuracy and ball flight appear to be what I sought. Tomorrow I am playing, so I will learn more then.
  3. Regarding the quick takeaway, according to many pros, that causes everything to be out of sync and thus your weight may not transfer properly and/or timely to your left side. I have had that problem throughout my life; sometimes I transfer properly and sometimes I do not. In fact an article I read recently said that a slow takeaway enables you to synchronize your swing - upper and lower body parts, that is - thus enabling you to transfer your weight better. I have tried that in my last few rounds and that has worked. Some people can synchronize a quick takeaway but I cannot. I don't think the takeaway causes me to come down too steep but I tend to pick the club up a little too steep when I begin my takeaway, then I come down too steep. Many pros recommend bringing the club back (for drives) low and slow. I know that works great when I am consistently doing that. However, my bad habits reappear and I take the club back too fast and then I get out of sync - my weight hangs back on my right side - and I have to flip the right forearm over (subconsciously) to catch up. I agree that you have to raise the club from the ground upon beginning your takeaway; however, I raise it too much and follow that up by coming down too steep on my downswing. I'm just trying to renew my game. I used to be a consistent 13 handicap golfer but in recent years I have regressed; part of that I believe is due to my shoulder. I could sense it becoming weak over the past two years. Now, accepting the fact I am advancing in age (49) and coming off labrum/AC Joint repair (5 1/2 months post-op), I will be switching from a 10.5 stiff shafted driver to either a 9.5 or 10.5 regular shafted driver. I know most advise that anyone with a slow swingspeed should not even think of using a stiff-shafted driver but a few Golf Galaxy employees and a friend who knows my game, advised that I should go with a 9.5. I'm very undecided. I am going to wait a few more month until I am about 7 1/2 months before buying a driver.
  4. Yes, that's a very distinct possibility. I plan on playing tomorrow, so I am going to tee the ball lower and hit some drives at the range. I'll see what that does. I also come down too steep sometimes, so I will work on impacting the ball on a flatter plane.
  5. Did you ever experiment with an open face; that is setting the R9 to be a degree or two open?
  6. Thank you. I believe that I come down too steep on my downswing and will try to make that flatter. Part of my problem is that I don't always take the club back low to the ground and I get too quick on my takeaway, which causes me to come down too steep and/or flip my hands causing a hook. I am also going to play the ball a little farther back in my stance and tee the ball lower. I also believe that I tee the ball too high sometimes.
  7. Hi guys; I'm new to this forum. I am looking for a new driver and want to get your opinions. I had labrum and AC Joint surgery 5 1/2 months ago; had a torn labrum and had a lot of arthritis cut out of my AC Joint (acromium). I have played 8 rounds since the first week of November and have decided that I want to buy a new driver. I currently have a 10.5 Ben Hogan CS3 driver, stiff shaft. I had a tendency to hook but have since straightened that out by opening the clubface a little at address and transferring my weight more timely. My buddy says I hit the ball too high and I recently was fitted for a 9.5, regular shaft driver since my swing speed is down to 79. I am going to wait a while so that I can heal more and strengthen my shoulder more before I get a final fitting. I want a driver that will increase swing speed but also provide accuracy. I am looking at a used Taylor Made R9 in a regular shaft but am also looking at a Cleveland Launcher DST. I am also open to a Taylor Made Burner driver. I know the DST and Burner are lighter weight and am afraid they can result in a loss of accuracy, in addition to more distance. My opinion is that the R9 would be the best option but I want your thoughts. Also, should a guy with a swing speed of 79 actually use a 9.5 loft driver?
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