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  1. http://redgoat.smugmug.com/gallery/90714/2/3179343 Maybe the best swing ever. Please check the impact photo which is not a "still". Absurd.......hmmm.
  2. http://www.golftipsmag.com/content/p.../4factors.html Look at the shaft at impact where they discuss face.
  3. An average 5 iron has 8 degree's of forward lean at address...15 at impact by some of the better pro..effectively tuning it into a 3 iron. I never said anthing about loft.
  4. I play to a 9 and I also add loft, meaning.... I'm casting ! There is no way to add loft without casting. The clubhead HAS to be ahead of the hands in order to ADD loft. A pro has 8 degrees of lean at address....15 at impact.
  5. TGM: Say a person is hitting every shot high. What can be done to correct that? BH: No. 1, check your grip and make sure it's not too weak. You can strengthen your grip with tell strip to help the club go over and keep the loft on it, but in general people who hit the ball high release the club very early and don't transfer the weight. The biggest culprit is the lack of weight transfer, your weight staying back and you end up throwing the club from the top. When you practice, just get off your right side if you are right-handed. Just get the feeling that your right shoulder stays a little tal
  6. Not computer savvy here...sooo Whatcha talkin bout willis ???
  7. http://www.golf.com/apps/instruction...f/archive.asp#
  8. Utility woods were developed for those of us who have a difficult time with long irons. Esp. those of us who do not a have tour type swing speeds that are required to get the most out of long irons.They have been around a lot longer that most think. From personal experience, I purchaced my first utility club,a 7 wood, in 1974. It carried about the same distance as a 3 iron but so much easier to hit. In my area , esp. during during mid-summer, our greens are like cement. So even if you could strike the long irons well, holding the greens with them were damn near impossible. My shots with the 7
  9. dale

    Tour Tempo

    http://www.golfdigest.com/gfw/gfwins...ingsecret.html Found this article. Very interesting.
  10. Al Geiberger Musk.....Sweeeetttt !!!!
  11. http://www.sybervision.com/Golf/driver.htm Thought I'd share this....my dream swing.
  12. I'll be damned. Didn't mean to still your thread.It just seemed so ironic.
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