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  1. I went with the Titleist 14-way stand bag. It turns out the Sun Mountain manufactures the bag. It's really a nice bag. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!
  2. Here are my favorite public tracks in Cincinnati/Northern KY area... 1. Stonelick Hills ...by far the best course in the entire tristate area. http://www.stonelickhills.com/ 2. Lassing Pointe ...the website doesn't do the course justice. #18 has a 101 yard green...completely different hole one day to the next. Awesome place to play. http://www.boonecountygolf.com/ 3. Legnedary Run ...designed from classic holes around the world. Had some green issues last year, as did many courses in the area. http://www.legendaryrungolf.com/ 4. Shaker Run ...absolutely great course (27 holes), however, the greens were in horrible shape in early April. They are under new management so hopefully things will turn around. If it does I put this course right behind Stonelick Hills. http://www.cincigolf.com/shakerrungolfcourse.htm
  3. I finally convinced the in-laws to move the family vacation north. We're heading up to Traverse City, MI (Silver Lake) this summer. We're looking to get a few rounds in while we're up there. I've looked online at a few courses but wanted to see if anyone has recommendations/experience on where to play. I checked out Crown Golf Club (looks decent) and Lochenheath (looks very nice). I appreciate any thoughts/comments. Thanks!
  4. yeah...after looking at the SM bags I'm really impressed. running out to look at some today. Thx for the insight!
  5. This is great! I've been checking out the Sun Mountain and Ogio's online and they look like great bags. I've got some decisions to make. I appreciate all the feedback/info. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking to purchase a stand bag. I want something with sufficient storage/pockets. Other than that I'm not really sure what to look for when purchasing a bag. I've also seen bags with different divider options but not sure which is the better option. Any suggestions on bags I should check out and what features I should look for? Thanks