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  1. I've heard good things about the golf gloves with the wrist aid in them that only let's you cock your wrist the correct way. Would you reccomend one of those ? They are 25$ on eBay
  2. yes my swing is way to flat and inside. i'm not sure how to fix it
  3. guys- every year near the end of the season my swing evolves into a monster- i loose distance like crazy because i am releasing too early, and prolly some other things too. i also have problems with cupping my left wrist in my backswing and i heard there is a glove you can get to promote keeping a flat left wrist. is that effective and should i get one? any other good drills for this problem? normally i hit 155 with an 8 iron and i'm using a 6 irons for that distance now... sucks so bad.
  4. Got the medalist yesterday, a big thanks to those who told me to get the pinseeker, it is so rad. Paid 177 shipped on eBay. Really really cool. I feel like I have a more accurate idea of exactly how far each club goes and carrys now. Erik
  5. I've been on the titleist bandwagon for a few years now, 983,905,909. Finally got a tour burner with a real diamana and it is the most forgiving combo I have ever had. Truly happy. Maybe it's just the shaft but maybe both. :). Don't give up your search fir the perfect club. Ever :)
  6. I still love u tiger you'll be ok :)
  7. i'm going to get a medalist. found one for about 215 shipped on ebay, new. thanks for the replies.
  8. Ok so either I'm getting the rx-600 or the cheapest pinseeker model I can find is the bushnell medalist with only 4x zoom, bigger heavier and it's 220$ on eBay vs 185 shipped for the leupold. Which should I go for guys ????
  9. Thanks Erik. In your opinion, is the pinseeker technology that important to you ? I wouldn't know, never had one but I'm ready to get one that will last me a long time.
  10. No it isn't for golf of course. I don't think the rx-1 has pinseeker either. Anyone else ? Call me crazy, but I think I'd rather have a non pinseeker leupold than a pinseeker bushnell from all the good reviews I've read about leupold
  11. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/st..._SearchResults is there any reason to spend the extra money on the RX-I ? they both seem about the same, 6X zoom, small, etc. i'm sure there is some reason the rx-I is more, but for this price i think i may pick one up today. anybody have a rx-600? thanks Erik
  12. Yeah I've been to the range. Obviously I could use a lesson and some swing changes, but I'd like to get the club feeling lighter if possible. I did change to a lighter grip already.
  13. so i finally got a d3 with the same shaft my 905r had, at 76g v2. i can only recall 2 or 3 straight drives in the past 36 holes i have played. My default shot with 905r was dead straight or a slight fade. with the d3, i am fading quite a bit harder. the 905r shaft was 44.5 and my new d3 is 45". I choked down for a while to try to simulate the shorter shaft, but that doesn't do it. It is HEAVIER. at least that is how i feel. i have tried to work on my balance and adjust, but i can't seem to make it work. Now i love the higher moi of the d3, i just haven't dialed it in. should i get
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