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  1. I feel the exact same way. Vista has been great for me.. but I could be tempted away by a Mac if they would come down in price.
  2. This is a great list to start looking at. I consider myself a beginner and I am using the TaylorMade R7's which I absolutely love. I would personally recommend them or the Callaway Big Berthas (for a little more forgiveness). Good luck in your search.
  3. well i love my Ogio Grom which i've had for about 6 months, but the previous post makes me a little leery about its future.. lol. it has tons of little features which just plain work.
  4. yeah, i got suckered last year on a 9 degree Ping G5 on a Blow-Out sidewalk sale that Edwin Watts had last year. I didn't have a driver and the salesman kinda shot me a line of crap and suckered me into buying the 9 degree as he didn't have exactly what i was looking for.. it went something like.. "Strong guy like you.. you'll be hitting the 9 degree with no problem.. " and i fell for it.. the price was really low though.. haha. anyway, once i start making some progress, i will definitely be looking to change to a 12 or 13 degree. i need more height.. and i swing slow.. lol.
  5. i second.. or third that statement. Taylormade TP Blacks (never tried the red yet) are pretty dang nice.
  6. i did the same thing.. absolutely love them. (but fear ebay.. LOTS of scams these days). the r7's hit Straight and Long (well.. when you hit them correctly..haha) . Me likey.
  7. josef

    Big Break Mesquite

    that guy is strange. it was hilarious when he couldn't watch his "good friends" make key shots.. Gees and his wedge swing kinda scares me. i sure hope Josh and Heroshi make it to the end.
  8. I recently bought a Mizuno MP T series (new for 07) 58-10 and it is Outstanding. Mizuno makes some Really quality stuff. Give them at least a look.
  9. yeah, he doesn't really get it yet. he's 25 and thinks he's 17. funny really. anyway, he's a good guy though. he knew i was really getting into golf and he thought it was perfect.. so that's cool. it was the thought that counted.. lol.
  10. yeah i've been using the Top Flite D2's (feel) as well.. they're not bad at all. However, a friend just got me 30 recycled Pro V1x's and to me they feel better and they seem to just 'work' better for me. and at 30 for $15, that's what i'll be using for a while..
  11. my bestman bought me this for my wedding gift (wife already slightly dislikes him.. haha) http://www.clubchamp.com/9516.htm It's by Club Champ and is pretty cheap ($30). I thought it would be junk but it Actually returns the ball right back to you every time so you can just work on your swing. It has really taught be how to make a consistent stroke (for short putts anyway). Although that one G-Funk found looks Awesome!!
  12. i use the 45 PW and 55 SW from my R7 set. I recently added a Mizuno MPT 58 LW to help with getting the ball to stop a little better on the green (my SW would just keep rolling.. and rolling.. ). I like my current set-up but I'm sure I will add a 50 GW in the future once I feel the need for it.
  13. a ha ha haa.. i tried to pull for Losman (i'm from Louisiana and he went to Tulane), but he hasn't done much.. ever really. good luck with Rob. Oh, and back to the original thread: greatest offense ever - 07 New England Patriots. The super bowl this year will set big records.. for points. (think dallas & new england.. whoa). I thought my Saints would FINALLY be there this year but once again i'm left with
  14. yeah, i had originally wrote "they would dominate the NFL ." then i chuckled aloud and changed it to NFC..
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