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  1. Given that your PW is a higher loft than a "traditional" PW at 47-48* I would actually go a bit up to make sure you don't have such a large gap from PW to your wedges. I originally got a 52-56-60 because that's what many say you should get when you're starting out. I too also quickly checked my ego at the door and realized I couldn't hit a 60*. I also didn't want a large gap in the wedges so I have switched out to a 52, 54 and 58 set of wedges. Also, my PW was switched out from my stock Nike VR split cavity wedge to a Vokey 48, bent to 47*. I also still keep the 56* since I do think that it is the most versatile of the wedges and will swap it out with the 54 or 58 depending on the course layout and playing conditions.
  2. No new changes for me either. Getting a 3-wood, which I've been missing in my bag for several years. Other than that, I won't be changing anything... unless I can find an Odyssey Protoype putter for a great price. No changes in irons, driver or wedges though.
  3. I would personally wait a bit longer. With the new RBZs coming out in the next several weeks and the season dying down for a lot of people it would make sense that the prices on R11s would drop as well. You've lasted this long with your 09 Burner, a couple more months wouldn't kill you especially if it saves you $100 or more. On the fitting note, I wouldn't trust a Dick's club fitter either.
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