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  1. Hey everyone! We just wanted to share a fun, unique addition to your watching of this year's Masters tournament! Click the link (http://blog.globalgolf.com/2017/04/arnie-masters-bingo-contest/) to play "ARNIE," our Masters Bingo game! Rules and prizes are laid out in the link! It's free to play! We hope you enjoy watching and good luck to those that play!
  2. Win A TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver Autographed by Dustin Johnson
  3. We wanted to pass along a couple deals you'll only find us promoting through social media.....\ $25 Off Orders Over $125 - Code: save25 15% Off Preowned Golf Clubs - Code: used15 We hope you guys can use them!!
  4. Ok, you guys came to mind when we stumbled upon this . We were looking through our customer reviews and found that a couple of guys had started telling their drinking stories on our reviews for our Pint Glasses. We decided to get on board and invite anyone that wants to share their best drinking story, golf/non-golf related, with us. The best story will receive a pair of GlobalGolf pint glasses. Take a look at these guys and don't forget to add your story here: GlobalGolf Pint Glasses
  5. This is great to hear! Glad you liked the balls! Coming back with a review is more than we ever expected. Thanks for putting the time and effort into all of this to spread the good word!
  6. Great to hear that all everyone is beginning to receive them and hopefully put them to use soon. Let us know what you think!!
  7. So you're saying there's a chance!
  8. OK. The moment has finally arrived.......time to announce our final winner ..... SMELLYSELL A HUGE thanks to all that posted in this thread and we hope all the winners enjoy the golf balls. Keep a look out for more giveaways and exclusive deals from globalgolf.com !
  9. I'll take anything that puts me in the fairway!
  10. Might want to change your forum name really quick.....
  11. And the next WINNER is......... Tee2Trees OK, I'd start to worry because you only have 1 more opportunity . Our fingers are crossed for you!
  12. And the next WINNER is......... timnsr72 Don't worry if you haven't been selected because you still have 2 more opportunities . Our fingers are crossed for you!
  13. No idea the price dropped to $250! Where did you see it?
  14. ONCE is good enough! We'll keep drawing from all posts. Great question and good luck!
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