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  1. Very strange round today... here's my score on the front vs back 9: front: 56 back: 38 what's your most lopsided front/back 9 scores?
  2. At about 24 years old (7 years ago), my brother and I would go out to the range and try to SMACK the living hell out of the golf ball to see who can hit it further. Thinking back, the ball probably went no further than 180 yards. Distance competition turned into accuracy competitions, then into chipping and putting competitions (yes we are quite competitive). Soon after, we took what we learned onto the golf course. Till this day we still try to up one another playing a round almost every weekend w/ most ending w/ the last hole deciding the victor.
  3. thanks for all the tips guys! I will be doing a bit more research & experimenting w/ the some of the suggestions until I find one that fits my needs. I'm guessing that the greens I play on are a bit softer/friendlier than average since the pinnacle gold distance doesn't roll tooo much. Plus i tend to hit my approach shots short of the pin so the extra roll actually helps in my case.
  4. I usually play PRO V1s and Callaway HX TOURs but found a Pinnacle Gold "Distance" ball so decided to use a few holes for today's round (ended up using it for the whole round). The difference in driving yards is amazing!! I was getting an extra 15 yards it seems. It doesn't bite around the green but not too bad considering. weighing the extra distance plus price, I think i'm in the market for a new ball. so like the title says: What do you all recommend for a LONG ball that is decent around greens?
  5. not really.... but pretty darn good for a 3 year old.
  6. Maybe we have different ideas of what the term "weak grip" is. To me "weak grip" is the perfect grip (a grip where I have solid grasp on the club yet the wrist joints are "well oiled"). With this in mind, the weight of the club head and the momentum of the back swing creates a natural hinge on top. On the down swing, everything happens from the floor up. so as your hips are clearing, your arms should follow and start dropping. A good delay or lag on the top of the back swing helps this sequence out greatly.
  7. 1) w/ a weak grip the wrist hinge should happen naturally at the top. 2) again, a weak grip should promote good habits including flat wrist at the top. 3) that's exactly how you come inside (when you don't start w/ your arms). Instead, start from the bottom up, clear the hips, and let passive arms/grip drop; thus promoting an inside swing. I've improved my game greatly with a passive arms/grip. This promotes the hole notion of "let the club do the work".
  8. could be a number of reasons. equipment (shaft too stiff), weak grip (leaving clubface open), swinging w/ the arms/hands (coming over the top), your setup (open clubface or stance)..... since you are hitting straight w/ your other clubs, my guess would be you are swinging too hard (using hands/arms) w/ the driver. try swinging the driver w/ the same tempo as your irons.
  9. on your backswing, keep your weight on the inside or left edge of your right foot (assuming you are right handed). you maybe focusing too much on "weight shifting" which causes you to unnaturally force the shift and lose balance. instead, try to just think "turn hips" and the weight shift should occur naturally.
  10. I try to go at least once a week and I make it a point to practice 40yards in (free since the range i practice at has a nice area for short game).
  11. 100% agree. By thinking "hitting down" I always end up using too much arms/hands since i'm trying to manipulate my swing to "hit down" at the ball. Instead, I take my regular smooth swing, keeping my arms/hands quiet... the club head automatically strikes the ball first then takes a divot thus "hitting down" at the ball w/o thinking it.
  12. I like what I see from the video. In fact, in the 6 years of playing golf, I've always beated around the bush about taking lessons. I might just have to give him a try since he's close by.
  13. I might be one of the few that ENJOYS hitting the 3 wood off the deck/fairway... I hit it consistently 210-225 yards (240 once but all the stars were aligned). this is what i do: - Setup: ball position about 1.5-2 balls left of center (right handed) - Swing: very RELAXED, don't try to kill it. I don't swing any different than any other club. - Impact: think of the clubhead "skipping" the fairway instead of "taking a divot" as this implies a steeper swing. Don't take my word for it. Try it the next time you head out to the range. VERY important to hit off the grass instead
  14. My Mizuno MP33s developed some rust on the clubface. What's the best way of removing it?
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