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  1. Lydia Ko is 23....she won on the LPGA (CN Canadian Women's Open) as an Am at 15 years old....in those 8 years, I've yet to see her act or say something stupid. Bryson's just a goof...just sayin. OK...OK....I've done many stupid things too. I guess women are smarter than men.😆
  2. They also had some air horns too.
  3. Karma Rules Baby!....we all trash Bryson and Wolff CHOKES and hands him the win. Luv the Golf Gods.
  4. Did you guys/gals hear all the BML protesters?
  5. Just another reason why Bryson is not well liked and just a TOOL....if you're gonna act like a child....there's no way a cameraman will shut it down and stop video taping it....that's their job...people love DRAMA. You wouldn't have a cameraman stop the coverage of a NASCAR crash....everyone loves a train wreck.
  6. Posers gonna pose. Who cares?.....It doesn't matter? Why?.....I don't think these players are cheating....some people just have bad days.....though when I see a + cap post two scores in the 90's in an event...I gotta laugh a bit...one bad day...ya things happen....back to back scores in the 90's???....assuming other scores aren't really high in their flight....then they had brutal conditions to play in. There are far more vanity capper than sandbag caps....vanity cappers are harmless and only hurt themselves in events or gambling. Tournaments need not care.....they want to collect the entry fees. I do know some legit young competitive Ams here not post all their rds played (likely what they might call practice/casual rds)....they generally only enter competitive event results....likely to showcase their caps when they are applying for scholarships and/or entry into high level Am events.
  7. LOL....you've been had....the guy jacked up the sim to shill/sell you the Sim Max.😁 Bring your old driver in along with the Sim Max and hit both and see how the numbers compare....I was kinda shocked of the 3's you were getting from the Sim Max vs. your old driver.
  8. Posers gonna pose. At least it's not as bad as the GolfWRX forum....everyone there can bomb it 330 yards with their drivers and hit their 7 irons 210 yards.
  9. Looking at this picture and other info within this thread and that you're a 19 cap....I'd conclude you need lessons to improve your ball striking....it's no an equipment issue. Also, as others have suggested...find a new instructor....you need someone who will correct your swing flaws....not someone trying to shill you new clubs/fitting.
  10. I walk with a pull cart....I do like to carry my bag and I use to ........but I'm getting older and carrying 3 bottles of water also adds to the weight....when I was young my dad said "REAL" golfers carry their bags....only POSERS pull a golf cart....OLD SCHOOL baby! I HATE riding in a golf cart...I rarely cart unless it's a cart mandatory course or a corporate/charity event......luckily.....it doesn't get hot enough here for me to warrant riding in a golf cart.......even though I wear a plastic ankle/foot orthotic and have some paralysis in my right leg....all from a skiing accident 33 years ago.
  11. Hi Ace: How are you? In Gee Chun (LPGA) and a few other LPGA/KLPGA pros got into golf because they were laughed at by their father's friends at the range....similar to your experience. So tomorrow is your last day at Tanoan (sp?)...are you gonna miss it?....I will because I won't read anymore of your DRAMA posts....and I LOVE DRAMA.😁 Your handicap dropped again......You'll need to give me 3 strokes when we play for skins...just sayin.😂
  12. I golf because I'm addicted to it.
  13. Brooke chokes down a lot due to feel and habit...she grew up choking down on her dad's clubs. She really chokes down a lot on the driver because her driver is 48".
  14. I've read it can be fun.....the most negative feedbacks I've read is that it's quite expensive....good thing is the kids are paying😆...have fun and Happty Bday!
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