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  1. Dina got ROASTED by the media and deservedly so....she went trunk slammin....79 & 77. I was at this event and never heard about the Inkster or Dina incident while there....but these 2 don't move the needle. All I cared about was watching Ai Miyazato win and take down NASTY Cristie Kerr....and seeing Aza Munoz for the 1st time.
  2. IMO....I don't care for the AVX......kinda surprised Titleist hasn't discontinued this ball. Ya....it has distance off the driver and longer shots because it's a low spinning ball....but for me....lacks in feel and performance on the short game...it feels like a rock to me. It was popular when it 1st launched years ago...but not popular anymore....I rarely find them nowadays. It it was such a great ball...then why do we see few advertising on this model. I can't think of one one on the PGA, LPGA or Champions Tour using this ball....and one might think a few might use it on the LPGA where some pros could use some distance...but no LPGA pro that I know uses the AVX, I think the ProV1 and ProV1x are superior performing golf balls....I really like the ProV1....and I think all other Titleist models in the past 15 years have paled in performance in their respective ball range category. Was chatting with the pro in the shop last Sat...and he liked the new Tour Speed....I hope to find one soon to test it out.
  3. I was at this event in Portland in 2010.....Juli Inkster was DQ'd for putting on a weighted donut for practice swings to keep limber after a long wait on a tee block....as a LPGA veteran, she should have known better. But the big story that week was Dina Ammacapane shaming a small kid who sign up to loop and was assigned Dina by the caddie master. https://www.eastoregonian.com/sports/inkster-dq-d-miyazato-leads-safeway-classic/article_c2e79d22-8251-5904-b5cf-15670b0c6c4d.html https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/2010/08/canzano_lpga_golfers_short_fus.html
  4. Or drink 6 beers before you hit the 4th tee block....you'll be putting pressure free the rest of the rd...just sayin.☺️
  5. Who's holding a grudge?....not me.....good nicknames last a lifetime.
  6. Assuming both sets are similar pricing...IMO....it's an easy decision....the Adams XTD's. The XTD have IMO....more technology vs. the Cally's....the XTD's have more than enough forgiveness for a beginner. After playing a set of Mizuno 825 Pro's with KBS Tour stiff's that I won a eBay auction for a steal...$165 Cdn...the shafts felt just a tad stout on the 6 & 5 irons...so I sold them......I was curious how the KBS Tours would play in regular...I found a set of Adams XTD A Tours for only $135 Cdn....I really like these irons...but felt the were shafts a bit too whippy. Now I'm back to the KBS Tour stiffs in a set of Rocketbladez Tours and loving them...go figure. A friend of a friend let me play his XTD Forged irons...I was in Toronto and didn't bring my clubs....an amazing set of irons. I've also owned Adams hybrids & FW's in the past. Just before TM bought out Adams...they were putting out QUALITY clubs that went under the radar. Pre-Covid....used Adams clubs could be bought very cheap if you found a deal.
  7. Kessler took out Top 5's gap wedge at the range today and replaced it with this..just sayin.
  8. Continental Golf is supposed to be good...they have a long thread on the wrxgolf forum. Home | Mysite Continental Golf - Refinishing and More! - WRX Club Techs - GolfWRX Hi everyone! We are Continental Golf and are honored to be part of the GolfWRX community. A little about us We started back in 1972 as a small repair shop and have grown into the largest repair shop on the east coast...
  9. I'd say both shafts play fairly similar....supposedly the PX Velocity shaft is around 54 gms. I have the X Hot hybrids with the same shafts and don't think they play stout. I have a TM M3 driver and using the old R15 "made for" Fujikura Evolution 57 Speeder shaft in stiff....I like it better than the heavier Tensei Blue CK stiff shaft...felt the Tensei was just a bit too whippy. If you find the Fuji 56 too whippy and light....there are quite a few used shafts out there for $50-$80 and sell the 56. If you can't hit the M2 vs. the X Hot driver...I'm guessing it's user error...just sayin.😄
  10. Is that you Justine?😁 You gotta a better nickname for Captain America?
  11. Good question and look forward to the answer.
  12. Just realized that Captain America is paired with Spieth.....I'm shocked Spieth is talking to him. Anyone remember the d*uchery of Top 5 signing Spieth's neck with a Sharpie a few years ago at the PGA Championship? Too bad Top 5 didn't try that stunt with Koepka....Brooks would have punched him out right in front of the kids seeking autographs.🤣
  13. That's what makes him so likable.....his FAKE thumbs up and LUV for himself is EPIC....why do you think he's called FIGJAM. If I wanted to cheer for a pro with the personality of a door mat....then I'd root for Jimmy Walker....nuff said.🤣
  14. Are P. Casey, T. Finau and T. Pieters wearing their wives' Nike hats?...they are so FUGLY.
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