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  1. You should set a goal to be mentally tougher for 2020...you don't want to be a mental midget and a 5.5 cap who folds under pressure. I also think you can get to a 3.8 cap. I believe you can win your club championship and hope you do. Just think when you win and get called up to the front to collect your trophy at the awards dinner. You can then stare down the 2 women who have won it the past 15+ years and say: "There's a new Sheriff in Town...and her name is Flying Ace" And then you husband can stand up, clap and cheer....Asia Rules Baby!!!.😂🤣 Oh ya....played today with my friend on Chinese New Years in the wet SLOP....2 of my fellow Mainlanders joined us....the one who couldn't speak English had a set of Majesty gold plated golf clubs....classic Chinese POSER's clubs....I've seen many gold plated clubs here...I think these clubs were $10,000-$15,000....PXG...move over. Did not see one white guy playing today...the course was busy....only 2 white fellows working in the pro shop...lots of Asian women playing today. Gung Hay Fat Choy!!
  2. So do you play in your club's tournaments or club championship to test out your competitive game/nerves? Do you also play as a single in those outings too?😂
  3. No wonder the guys at your club won't play golf with you...they don't wanna be shown up by a PLAYA gaming a tour head....just sayin.
  4. LMAO.....Titleist is launching the T400 irons...7 iron is 26*
  5. I really liked this plastic tee this past summer....I think I used it for 2 months....I think it fell out of my pocket...ugh....I might still be playing with it. I've also not bought a golf ball in maybe 30 years....I find so many...have a lot new golf balls from promos, corporate swag, etc.
  6. You are hitting the Speedzone irons really far because the irons are so JACKED UP.....the 7 iron is 27.5*...that's whacked...my 7 iron is 34* and 6 iron 29.5*. Though your current irons are also JACKED UP too....7 iron at 30". Just because dispersion is better on the monitor....it might not translate out on the course. Based on what you have wrote...I wouldn't buy the irons...you don't seemed convinced you need new irons to enjoy the game more...new irons won't magically lower your scores. Cobra clubs don't hold their value well if you decide to sell. Only you know whether you want to spend the money.
  7. Ya....the stiff shafts might have not been suitable...but some stiff shafts on stock iron sets came be a bit soft. I had a set of 2013 Cobra Amp Cell irons with stiff DG lightweight steel shafts...they were too whippy....ended up selling them in 18 months for what I had paid for them. I was recovering from an injured back when I bought them...and as my swing came back...they became too soft for my swing. this.....
  8. If you were fitted....would the shorter clubs as suggested by the time at the fitting session felt awkward too?
  9. I have watched the 2010 USSO and 2016 LPGA KPMG at Sahalee....what a fantastic course....especially the back 9. Beautiful tight tree lined parkland style private track.
  10. Yes, Nick North is nothing special.....kinda boring on the holes across the highway....IMO....the worse of the Whistler courses. It's such a rip off at approx $170 full rack rate in the summer. Luckily via someone who knew a guy in the pro shop....played it for $40 back in 2003.
  11. LOL.....come on....Semi isn't that bad....not all the holes are lined by housing...I've seen worse.....a 1.5 rating is basically a goat track rating.😂 I don't mind Semi. I think the resort is under rated and goes under the radar....haven't seen the reno's in the hotel area yet....it's a good place to hold a small short stay biz meeting. They use to have some really attractively priced all you can play...stay & play packages in the spring. ************************************************************************************************************* This post below was meant to be a separate post...but it automatically merged with the above recent post of mine. @phillyk and @Double Mocha Man IMO...you have rated Eaglemont and Shuksan quite high. From a reference point.....just curious. I assume you have both played 5 courses across the border in the Vancouver area...how would you rate those courses?
  12. There are walking scorers volunteers on the PGA...even the LPGA too......scores recorded by walking scorers are not official scores...just to keep info flowing for score boards, etc...yes there can be discrepancies because of errors made by the walking scorers. https://www.farmersinsuranceopen.com/volunteers/committee-chairs/committee-descriptions/ https://www.thefounderslpga.com/volunteers/committee-descriptions
  13. Do you prefer to ride because your courses are hilly and it's too hot in the summer?...do you walk at times? Can your cart hold a charge that long for 18 holes plus the 6 miles to and from home?
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