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  1. Mr22putt

    That Guy

    Ask the organizer why you are paired with the tool every week....if it's not an answer you like then you will need to quit the group because you're not having fun. Just walk up to this clown and tell him straight up that he needs to STFU and that he's a complete douc*ebag....it's just that simple.
  2. Down: Ya..it's not easy to find cheap golf on weekend mornings. I think Belmont has some weekend dew sweeping specials in the summer...look on-line. A member at Shaughnessy told me they have no intentions anymore to develop Green Acres when their current location lease expires in 2032. Supposedly, they bought GA and the adjacent land years ago for $4M...now it's worth $15-$20M??????? Just tell your friends not to be a bunch of babies and act afraid....the only thing others golfers care about is their pace of play.
  3. LOL.....Green Acres and Guildford are 2 of the courses in Vancouver I most loath. I played Green Acres 26 years ago and vowed I'd never return....I only played it because a guy from work was flying back to Toronto on a Sunday and wanted a quick rd so he suggested Green Acres because it was close to the airport. I'll only golf at Guildford if it's really cheap to play No wonder you don't see Asian women playing golf...they know better to stay away from the above 2 course...lol. Yes, I imagine you won't see too many women dew sweeping. I play a lot of twilight rds...tons of Asian playing then. Go out to play Mayfair, Burnaby Mountain, Fraserview, Langara, McCleery, Carnousite, Golden Eagle, Swaneset and Belmont....tons of Asian women playing there. FWIW...I was at the range at Burnaby Mountain last week...saw 3 Asian women in the parking lot leaving to go home...a good hand full of women playing on the course and 8 Asian women at the range out of maybe 40 total golfers practicing.
  4. So why don't you stop playing with this guy?
  5. What courses in Vancouver do you play which might only have 1% of all golfers being female? If we take 100 golfers..it would take twenty five 4somes on a busy tee sheet about 4 hours to cycle through...so you're saying you'd only see 1 female golfer in 4 hours at the courses you play golf? Of the courses I play here in Vancouver....if I worked in the pro shop.....I would likely to see at least 10-15+ females tee off in those 4 hours....even in the winter.
  6. I have read on golf forums of 5somes...especially in the US.....I have only played once in a 5some on a busy muni in Yuma. AZ in 1997. I'm not saying it's doesn't occur, but I can't think of one private club or even public course here in Canada that would allow 5some's...especially on weekend mornings. Unless you belong to an uber private club (though in a previous post that you have since deleted....you say you belong to a club of 500+ members) with maybe 200 members....that might not care much that 5some are allowed because the course is not busy. You can bring it up with the GM at your club..but in most private clubs........ it's the membership who decide on the club's policies and the management & staff simply enforce those club policies.
  7. I'm assuming you are a friendly person...I can't understand why no one would not want to play golf with a friendly woman who plays to a 7.7 handicap. As I previously posted, the Korean woman who we used to golf a lot with, she was so popular in the golf league....all the guys in the league always wanted to be paired up with her...she has a great personality, a good golfer (10-11 handicap) and is very attractive....there is no way if she was at a course as a single that she'd be playing on her own...she would be asked to join up with many, many golfers. Her English wasn't great...but very passable...but that never stop anyone to ask her to play golf with them. Where do you play golf where everyone seems so unfriendly? I've never heard of a course that would knowingly not have an issue with people not showing up for their tee times.
  8. I didn't see this earlier post. OK...are we being trolled here? What kind of course whether it be a private or public course would allow 5somes and singles to go out on their own...especially on a weekend morning. It is a rural course that no one plays?....your post doesn't make sense.
  9. I'm surprised no one has asked you to join up...especially at a private club. I have always enjoyed playing golf with women. One of my most favorite person to play golf with was a Korean lady....she always wanted to play golf and was/is a really good golfer too...unfortunately she moved back to S. Korea. We play sometimes with other Korean ladies that we met via a golf league.....also really enjoyable to golf with.
  10. Saw another woman playing golf alone yesterday...yup you guessed it...an Asian woman....seeing an Asian women playing alone is not uncommon here.
  11. The same can be said for S. Korea.....Koreans have far more interest watching women's golf. It was crickets (minimal galleries) at the recent men's Asia Tour event in Incheon as covered by Golf Channel this week...yet there were really large galleries when the LPGA Hana event and Int'l Crown were played last fall in Incheon. I have always blamed women themselves for the lack of interest in the LPGA. Asian women LOVE golf....although there are many Asians here...there are proportionally so many Asian women who love to play golf. The PGA tour has no incentive to combine with a LPGA event.
  12. Caught up to a single 60 year old Korean woman on the 13th hole....I've played with her before and think she plays often on her own. I see many Asian women playing as singles here....tons of Asian women play golf here....whether it be with friends, their husbands or on their own.
  13. Yes, many of the courses here .....at around 115 are rated around 68 and for 135...around 72....so yes....I think the player on course A shoots about an average score in around 87 and player on course B, shoots an average score around 81.
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