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  1. You mean the Classic Asian Rice Bowl cut?....just askin for a friend. My mom tried it on me in the 1960's to save a bit of money...not a good look.....nuff said.
  2. Mid March to mid Apr is our typical punch season.....mid Sept to mid Oct too. FYI....Bandon closing tomorrow and plan to open Apr 6, if possible. I gotta get my sorry a** to Bandon.....it's been on my bucket list for years.....will likely go last minute in the winter season.
  3. Flying home tomorrow. Been here in Toronto tending to a family matter since Jan 30....so I haven't played golf since leaving Vanc. I booked 2 tee times for Thurs and Fri....but my friend and I decided to not play considering we should be staying at home and not doing non-essential activities.....even though we could self distance......it's all about the optics. As each day passes more and more courses are closing down here in Vanc....I kinda suspect all might be closed by the end of the week. I sometimes play golf with a lady....she's a nurse in a nursing home....1 of her co-workers has Covid......many of the deaths in BC have come from nursing homes. So if this lady can go to work each day (they won't test her unless she is showing symptoms)....then I can stay at home and watch endless repeats of the World Poker Series.....nuff said.
  4. Simple fix...if there are no rakes....why not try to fix the bunker using your foot to smooth out the sand as much as possible....it's a bunker and a hazard....it's meant to be penal....no one should expect a perfectly smooth surface....a touring pro would rather be in a bunker vs. gnarly rough.
  5. Mr22putt

    Love and Hate

    I love when I win skins off my poser golf friends. I hate when I'm the poser and lose skins to my golf friends.
  6. Mr22putt

    Love and Hate

    I hate slow play and golfers who don't take care of the course. I love finding ProV1's & TP5's which are in great shape, cheap twilight golf and being paired up with some of the attractive immaculately dressed Korean female golfers here in Vancouver.
  7. You are a novice....go pay for lessons. You don't have any idea how to swing a club properly....do it now to minimize any bad habits you've already developed.
  8. I'm not arguing about anything...just making some observation. As mentioned prior....I'm out of province tending to a family matter...so I'm not at home doing my usual thing.....so I'm passing some time here in Toronto when I get bored and going to some retailers to kill some time that I would not be doing if I was back home. And yes...I do like the POSER comments on golf forums....they are entertaining...again...I'm on the golf forums to kill some time too....especially considering there is not much to watch on TV due to the Covid issues.
  9. Many ski resorts here have closed...including Whistler Blackcomb which still has 6+ weeks left....I've skied Whistler in May....then downloaded at 1pm to go play golf at the Whistler Golf Club. Sorry to hear about your injured messed up ski season.
  10. I will say that I do get some jacked results in the sim especially when hitting irons because the 2 layers of tape at a retail store can be taking up to 2000 rpms of the spin. I also get more forgiving results off the mats on sim's or even off the mats at the driving range with the irons.....kinda hard to hit a fat shot off a mat or take a fat divot off a mat. I go to the range a bit more often in the winter back at home...to get fresh air...I don't like hitting off a mat.....it's not REAL golf. I basically only look at carry # on a sim....many people never look at dispersion numbers Too many POSER's at retail sim's....I've been dealing with a family matter for 6 weeks out of towns and been at the retailer a bit more than usual to pass some time.
  11. There are so many good grips out there...only you can tell which one feels good to you....don't neccessarily go with what the charts says for you...it's only a guideline and doesn't give you feedback what type of grip feels good for you....you just need to experiment what best suits you. I have never seen MCC Plus 4's that are less expensive than the Tour Velvets unless those MCC's are fake,...TV's are generally always cheaper than MCC's.
  12. Sim's are sim's....I always get 'jacked' results on a sim. REAL golf is played on a REAL course....don't worry what happens in a sim....worry about the results you obtain on a REAL course. Don't be a POSER worrying about sim vs, REAL course results. "I have a bad swing, but I'm pretty ripped"...is such a classic POSER comment..
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