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  1. Yes, many of the courses here .....at around 115 are rated around 68 and for 135...around 72....so yes....I think the player on course A shoots about an average score in around 87 and player on course B, shoots an average score around 81.
  2. Although they both have the same 10 handicaps and they should have similar skill sets to score.....if I was to bet over 10 matches on another course rated at 135....I'd put my money on the guy who plays course A to win more matches. Why? Again up here.....many courses sloped at 115 are less than 5900 with less trouble (tree/hazards) while courses sloped at 135 are typically 6700-6800+ yards with lots of trouble. Player B be will be challenged to play a course 800+ yards longer and mentally he'll will be more challenged looking at a course with more trouble. Let me ask everyone...anyone willing to put money down on the course B player to win more matches than player A over 10 matches.... if yes, why?
  3. OP That's a huge loss of distance in 10 years....110 at 42 and now 95ish at 52? I'm 58...in my 30's, 40's...driver mph was about 100-101....now 94-98....could be higher if I worked out. I'm the opposite...while most move up a tee block as they age....I'll play a longer tee block if available.....why? I've always played the blue tees for 43+ years....I started playing with a friend 4 years ago who is 18 years younger...we gamble and birdies are rewarded....to diminish his chances to birdie I suggested we play tees (if available) a bit longer than the blues. With the newer technology (though all my clubs are about 6 years old), I find myself not that much shorter or maybe not at all from when I was golfing in my 30's & 40's. In the summer, I like to play tees that are 6400-6700. Have I played at 7000?...yes...but it's very rare....it's a challenge and if we do play at that length.....but it's just to do something a bit different.
  4. I believe golfer A is the better golfer. Don't know what courses are like around with others...but here...a course rated at 135 is often 6500-6800 yards and a course that's either tree lined or/and has many hazards that come into play...IMO....a difficult course. Courses here sloped at 115 often are well short of 6000 yards and with minimal hazards that come into play....IMO not a difficult course. Player B would struggle on player's A course.
  5. There are so many reasons why golfers join private clubs...and you likely receive all kinds of different opinions...only you'll know your own rationale. I'm kind of thinking the private route is not for you...why?...because you're posting here to rationalize a decision. I believe most members at privates know why they want to join and don't need others to influence their justification. if you do join....I'd only join the clubs with immaculate conditions. There are also reciprocals too...and you'll likely meet other members at private clubs. Joining a private club is more expensive that one might think....I think many members spend well over their minimums on an annual basis. Best wishes with your decision.
  6. Results | Lookout Point CC | GTA AM Tour GTA AM Tour recent tournament
  7. Yes...get fitted if you intend to get serious at golf or if you're not on a tight budget. Ya....DG X100 generally would be too stiff for a beginner golfer...and if you are on a budget....it would be expensive replace the clubs with regular shafts. I suggest you try to sell the clubs as is and try to find clubs with used regular shafted clubs....there are so many available on-line or on Craigslist, etc.
  8. OP I don't think it's inappropriate for the member to ask the guest to tip the caddie. I for one always reciprocate when I'm invited to a private club...usually when I meet the member in the locker room to change into my golf shoes...I'll shake their hand and hand them a $100-$150 GC to a nice restaurant along with either a nice bottle of wine or scotch or whisky or a dozen golf balls
  9. WTF....the OP asked for an opinion if a member asking a guest to pay for their caddie tip was an appropriate gesture...and you turn it into a passive brag to publicly tell people on this forum how you sneaked ('stole' a golf rd) onto private courses?????? Gotta luv this internet thing and to be entertained on what gems you might find posted on cyber space.
  10. it's actually 5 other players on the KLPGA that have the same name.....for the Western hemisphere audiences they should just call her Lucky 6. Lucky 6 has been playing amazingly well on the LPGA this year...her 1st rd scores are a it higher due to likely to unfamiliarity with the LPGA courses. Her great play is also demonstrated in that she's currently #1 in Sagarin's women's pro rankings.
  11. I'm not surprised you hit your 5W and 3H the same....the 5W is likely 18*....the 3H 19*...and with a shorter shaft in the 3H you might hit it more consistently and solid vs, your 5W and hit the 3H further when hit pure. I'd find a 50* GW and 56* wedge with a proper bounce....I think the R7 55* doesn't have a great bounce....but then as a 90's golfer....do you know how to utilize the bounce properly on chip & pitch shots? IMO....I think a 60* LW is too risky a club for someone who doesn't break 90 often.
  12. Nothing wrong with the R7 irons...very forgiving.....and as a 90's players....they are fine for you. Heck with.... the right shafts....I could easily play them as a 7.3 cap.
  13. So when you reach this milestone....will your next goal be to DOMINATE the Mackenzie Tour?....just asking for a friend.🤣
  14. Diece/Jason" Please DON'T QUIT, this thread has been EPIC in ENTERTAINMENT value....I bought a BIG bag of popcorn...lots for everyone here. Eric: Don't lock the thread...thanks.
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