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  1. I also at this time ......play longer tees than I should be....but I do so while I can because there will be a day where I'll be playing the forward tees.....5100-5300 without shame.
  2. I'm a serious golfer...BUT...I LUV the trash talk with the boys and getting to their heads when they act like a bunch of babies or having meltdowns when they aren't playing well...I'm pretty good at not getting fazed out when one of the tools I often play with says stupid things when I'm at address.
  3. This club has a cult like following....same with many other clubs. Ping Rapture, TM V-Steel FW's, 2016 M2, Ping Eye 2 irons, etc
  4. JUICE BOY takes a 7 on the shortest par 4 at ANGC. I think you and I share a lot of pros I don't like....let's see how many you agree with. PGA or pros who also played on the PGA...obviously I'll be forgetting some Weir....major GOOF.....Tom Watson, Curtis Strange, Bubba, Zach J, Jimmy Walker, cheap a** Kuch LPGA Wie, Creamer, Stacy Lewis, Christina Kim, Kerr
  5. My ideal is 6400 yards...but during the year will play courses ranging from 6100-6600 yards. If I'm playing a casual rd and playing a course that I play often.....I'll play maybe up to 3 different tee blocks during the rd so I can maximize the chances of playing all the clubs in my bag.
  6. Yes, I understand that Lee had racial issues he had to encounter playing on the PGA tour and the 1st Black golfer to play in the Masters...but IMO...this is just another "token' gesture by ANGC...yes the same club that wouldn't allow Blacks to play or become a member but had no issues having a crew of Black caddies. You read my post wrong...the guy I don't like is Tom Watson...not Lee. Never like Watson and it was further reinforced at the 2010 USSO at Sahalee.....it was late in the day....very very few spectators...maybe 4 people...Watson comes out of the clubhouse and instead of ta
  7. The F8 & F8+ are good drivers....I especially like the Nardo Grey finish.
  8. Ok....I'll put on my flame suit.....I'm not really loving this decision.....Elder hasn't even finished in a top 10 in any major....IMO....an honorary starter nowadays should be a player who accomplished a lot in golf, won a Masters, etc I don't like the guy...but I think the next honorary starter should be Tom Watson.
  9. Lefty....LOL......luv FIGJAM....and so do the locker room attendants......he'll have a few big rolls of C-Notes to hand out this week. Just heard Matthew Wolfe say there are quite a few cottages around Augusta Nat'l....I didn't know that.
  10. LMAO......comparing a random club event to the PGA tour.....LOL. Especially with Covid....courses are packed now......we couldn't find a 4some tee time this past weekend and there are 35+ public championship length courses here......a friend of a friend belongs to one of the exclusive privates here....it's so busy....members can only play 9 holes on Sat and Sun.
  11. You're ballooning your iron shots because the KBS Tour 80's are a light weight high spin and high launch shaft. If you have the money...go get fit for another set of irons ad sell the current ones.
  12. Hi Ace: A suggestion. Get a white piece of paper laminated at a print shop......then cut out a circle the size of the flower and double side tape it to the flower....maybe that would stop the double vision. What putter are you gaming now? I've been putting like a goof lately...it's nothing new....I've missed three 30" putts my last 2 outings.....2 of those misses were for birdies....and I don't want to discuss my pathetic chipping/pitching.....I'm a mental midget.....switched over to my Huntington Beach 1 putter yesterday....no magic was found. Just call me Lydia Thomp
  13. Hi Ace: Found this cruising cyber space. Print this off and tape it to the fridge Monday evening....I'm sure your husband will get a great laugh after a long day at work....maybe you can make it a bumper stick for your Tesla. Heck....it will incent him to get you a new Apple phone and Kastle skis by Saturday afternoon. Have a great weekend....just heading out soon to hit the links and hope to win some skins.
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