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  1. OP You're experiencing the opposite of many golfers...they typically struggle with the mid and long irons. You are new to the game and a 36 cap...there is no easy fix.....you need to spend the money to get lessons before bad swing habits become the norm and then they become more difficult to correct.
  2. IMO...scratch Harding off your list.....nothing memorable and very average at best....a rip off rate for non-residents. The only highlight was looking over the water on the back 9 to see the Olympic Club. Fortunately I was at a company President Club....played Harding twice...so I didn't reach into my pocket...but paid through the nose via a taxable benefit for the entire 4 day event....spousal attendance too.....oh well...ya only live once.
  3. You had creditable post until you mentioned Murray....I assume Bill Murray? IMO...the guy's a CLOWN. Or approx. $750 with our Canadian peso.
  4. Yup...TV makes race cars look like they are going in slow motion. We use to host an Indy Car event here in Vancouver...it's crazy to see how fast and noisy the cars are in real life. As TV doesn't capture the speed of a pitcher's fastball. I went to the Louisville bat factory...they had a sim.....I would likely start my swing when the fastball was already in the catcher's mitt.....one has to see how fast a 95 mph fastball is in real life. I really miss Diece's threads...they were so entertaining.
  5. I think you're husband is just trying to get in your head because deep down inside...he's embarrassed his wife can SMOKE him on the links...just sayin. You do know...that few women can drive the ball 220...the only women I see driving a ball 220+ are competitive young females (provincially or nationally ranked) or girls from the university golf team at the range or at some top level Am events I've attended....obvious it goes without saying all the gals in the top 100 on the LPGA can smash the ball. So as a 40 something woman ....you are a bit of a unicorn to hit a drive 220....it's very rare to see a woman at a course drive the ball straight and consistently over 200 yards. It's so strange that the guys at your club don't want to golf with you.....if you played up here in Vancouver....there would be many many guys that would enjoy golfing with you.
  6. The ball is teed up and with today's technology and forgiveness of a large sweet spot on a 460 CC driver ....I just don't understand how a driver for some is more difficult to control/hit vs. a 3W. One can miss the sweet on a driver by up to 2-3 cm and still hit a relatively okay driver with today's 460 CC drivers....a same miss with a 3W and one could miss hitting the club face on a 3W ......or fat or cold top a ball so bad...it might no go 100 yards.
  7. Yes....I've rolled a few with the Huntington Beach at Golftown and it's a solid putter. I've see a Wilson Infinite Lakeshore putter on Craiglist...it has good reviews....I'll have to go to Golftown and see if they have one to roll on the the putting green. But I suspect....a different putter will do me no good....I just plain s*ck....and I don't think a different putter will fix anything....kinda lost my feel the last month...ugh.
  8. I've also PM'd two golf fitter/repair guys on other forums and said they could bent but no guarantees. I have asked a couple of guys here and both said they would not bend them unless I signed a waiver. I just don't want to chance a break...it would limit my opportunity to flip them when the time comes.
  9. All Diece needed was more time...he was showing improvement. On the GTA Am Tour in 2019...he played twice and was improving. 91 on a 6500 yards course and then 85 at 6700 yards. He was on the TorontoGolfNuts forum and then quit and is now MIA. I've watched some Am events here....yup the top players at the events can really play golf and smoke the ball....but all are basically no ones in the grand scheme of top level competitive golf. I've seen some really talented players like the one you have described...NCAA stars. etc, etc..... that struggle to make money on the pro circuits. It's just plain TOUGH to play golf for a living.
  10. So if I gave you my Rocketbladez Tour A wedge and PW you'd be comfortable bending them 2 degrees stronger without breaking them?
  11. A loaf of bread has more personality than DL3....just sayin.
  12. Charlie: If you are hitting hosel rockets, I think lessons would be better served vs. new irons. New irons aren't going to miraculously fix your ball striking as a 20+ cap. The G15 irons are pretty forgiving clubs....though if you don't like...you don't like them...so go spend some money on some shiny new stuff.😂
  13. This^^^^^ Candidate for post of the year. I think most golfer chose a ball based on 3 factors: Feel Price Distance Likely feel as the most important factor. I need a higher ball flight...but I prefer the softer feel of the ProV1...the ProV1x feels too clicky.....and the ProV1 more with the putter which is typically 40% of all strokes during a rd of golf.
  14. Bunkers aren't cheap to upkeep or maintain.....played in 2018 at a private club here...the member was also the finance chair....he told me they were going to redo their bunkers this year at a cost of $850,000.
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