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  1. In our elite competitions the card has a tear off strip. The marker marks the main card and puts his own score on the strip. When they get to the recorder's desk, the official takes the tear off strip and asks the player to read out the individual scores written by the marker.
  2. "A player is allowed to place his or her feet firmly in taking a stance, ..." That doesn't sound like all you did " ...but is in breach of Rule 8.1a if he or she alters the ground where the stance will be taken ..." Well you certainly did that " .... if altering the ground improves the area of intended stance." If it didn't, why did you do it? Certainly seems to fit the bill for a breach What the pros may or may not do means nothing, witness tamping grass down behind ball, leaving ball as backstop
  3. Yes, you are correct. I quoted to the wrong subsection.
  4. The words in the rule are clear enough. The player or caddie must not set an object down anywhere on or off the putting green to show the line of play. This is not allowed even if that object is removed before the stroke is made.
  5. Why would it be? Did the player lay anything on the ground?
  6. You have an obligation the be honest.
  7. It's all somewhat irrelevant. The USGA has a rule in place which covers the topic for golfing purposes.
  8. The USGA, PGA & LPGA it would seem
  9. Try these re Therapeutic Use Exemption : https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/2018/2017-2018_Anti_Doping_Manual.PDF https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Championship Resources/IGF_TUE_Form 2014.pdf
  10. Can you think of a situation where a ball is intentionally dropped but is not in play until a stroke has been made at it?
  11. You can a drop a ball correctly with intent to play it but it may not yet be in play.
  12. You can't in fact 'declare a ball lost'. As soon as you substitute another ball, the original becomes lost.
  13. You may now remove loose impediments from bunkers
  14. 14.4 The player has a ball in play again only when he or she: Plays the original ball or another ball from the teeing area, or Replaces, drops or places the original ball or another ball on the course with the intent for that ball to be in play No penalty, you are simply correcting a mistake.
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