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  1. That is an Authorised Local Rule in fact.
  2. New Rules for Video Call-Ins

    Wasn't this done to death months ago?
  3. Smart watches

    I can't see how an altimeter contravenes 14-3 or IV 5. It only tells you the altitude of the spot where you are standing, not the slope to the next target.
  4. It wasn't a rule change really but a clarification of the wording. I had a response to that effect from the R&A in 2012, prior to my writing a briefing report for England Golf.
  5. "Intent" in the 2019 Proposed Rules

    `When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, `it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less.' `The question is,' said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many different things.' `The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master - - that's all.' `When I make a word do a lot of work like that,' said Humpty Dumpty, `I always pay it extra.'
  6. World Handicap System and Pace of Play

    Many of the older courses in Scotland are not very long and green to tee are short walks. But does she play in a pair or in fours? It all makes a difference. I would challenge her to get round Carnoustie in under 4.
  7. If players will be able to pick and choose which colour the play on any hole, 18 x 7 courses will have to be rated. As it happens my course has 6 coloured courses rated. The 5 longest rated for men and the 3 shortest for women. We also have an unrated 'short' forward course for juniors. But players playing 'socially' seem reluctant to take the mitch 'n' match approach although, not being a long hitter, I do personally.
  8. World Handicap System and Pace of Play

    This is not strictly accurate. Although every score is not posted, many more competitions (tournaments) are played in addition to 'declared' rounds played under 'competition conditions'. Both contribute to handicap calculations. Although all the rounds are played as medal or stableford a form of ESC is used. Individual hole scores are reduced to a nett double bogey. All scores hole by hole gross scores are returned. A pick-up in stableford is returned as 0 but the system assigns the nett double bogey An additional factor is that the 'quality' of play resulting from course and weather conditions on the day has an effect on handicap calculations. Incidentally, Australia has a similar feature although the system in general has USGA undertones. Although match play is far more common here, strokeplay (medal or stableford) dominates. In social play, 4BBB is probably the favoured form in members clubs.
  9. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    However :- Status of Air When Artificially Propelled Q.What is the status of air from a blower operated by an outside agency or from a fan? A.Although the Definition of "Outside Agency" states that wind is not an outside agency, in this case the artificially-propelled air is considered to be an outside agency. If such artificially-propelled air moves a ball at rest, Rule 18-1 applies. IMO this decision would, in equity, apply to Rule 19-1
  10. Winter Rules

    You may always remove detached leaves from your line of putt (or anywhere else except a bunker or water hazard), with a towel or any method you wish. Providing you don't move your ball or cause undue delay.
  11. Can Amateurs be fined?

    My point is that you were implying that the PGA was the only body which has amateurs playing in their competitions and there for the question about fines was only relevant to them. There are other organisations and I agree they probably do not apply fines to amateurs. They will certainly have a sanctioning policy, probably affecting future entry. The R&A certainly has.
  12. Can Amateurs be fined?

    Is the Masters run by the PGA? Amateurs play in a number of tournaments not run by the PGA. The Open Championship and the USGA Open for starters.
  13. correct or preferred way to "drop"

    My partner and I have patented a sprung telescopic device
  14. correct or preferred way to "drop"

    20" and 80" measuring devices will be on the market shortly.

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