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  1. https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/rules/committee-procedures/8e https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=cp&section=rule You want 8E and specifically E-3
  2. Hmm. Hardly a small object in comparison with the examples given. Interesting though.
  3. Can you explain their reasoning without quoting directly?
  4. What is the authority for that 'official answer' and where is it published?
  5. I suggest you read the definition of a ball marker
  6. The requirement is that it is an object made to be a ball-marker or another small piece of equipment. IMO a glove satisfies neither.
  7. Of course. I keep forgetting that.
  8. Do they provide the facility to register entry into a competition or pre-register a casual score via the app?
  9. Do players write their handicap on their card, as required by the RoG?
  10. When US players return their scores do they have to enter their handicap in addition to the gross or hole by hole score?
  11. It's not the bottom of the hole that's relevant. If it is not touching the flagstick, is the ball at rest and the entire ball below the surface of the green?
  12. Chapman, also known as Pinehurst or Greensome, is a format not recognised by the Rules of Golf but rather oddly, is in the Handicapping System. IMO it is closer to a Foursome in that alternate balls are used during the hole and therefore if one player and a player is out, the team cannot continue the hole.
  13. What is the difference? Both refer to rule 4.2.
  14. Aren't 'solo' rounds supposed to have someone accompanying the player who can attest his score. The WHS certainly says: In the company of at least one other person, who may also act as a marker
  15. That is simply the USGA/R&A Testing procedure for ball compliance. It has nothing to with changing playing characteristics.
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