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  1. Decisions of the Rules of Golf

    This link goes to the 2014/15 edition. The link from jlbos83 is the 2016/17 edition. There are a few differences
  2. Lost ball rule and pace of play

    Such a bounce and selective drop may of course result in a wrong place and serious breach DQ.
  3. Signing for "incorrect scorecard"

    It's the score on the card that counts, no matter what system you enter into. If you want the total, add it in your head, on a calculator, into a spread sheet or a system of some sort. If it doesn't tally the card is the be all and end all.
  4. Signing for "incorrect scorecard"

    Someone has to copy the scores from the card into GG in order to download them. Why do you want to download them and where to?
  5. Signing for "incorrect scorecard"

    In most handicapping systems (excluding the obvious one), scores are entered hole by hole. The system will get the totals right.
  6. Signing for "incorrect scorecard"

    To add to the above - it is the responsibility of the committee to determine the total strokes (or points in stableford), not the player's.
  7. Real rule or a local one?

  8. Real rule or a local one?

    It's still not legit wherever it's printed or posted
  9. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    There is an old saying over here 'Never trust the driver of a car who is wearing a hat".
  10. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    The 'tradition' goes back centuries. Many would find that insulting in the UK. But given that hats these days equates with caps, it is an unlikely to crop up in a business situation.
  11. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    That is the norm in the UK
  12. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    even more so
  13. Unwritten Rules of Golf

    Fist bumps are now so passe
  14. Unwritten Rules of Golf

  15. Blown leaf alters putt, you can replay?

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, the rule itself is designed so that you are not disadvantaged if your stroke from the green is knocked off course by something moving into your line of putt. See 19-1/7