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  1. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    My trig goes back to when Adam was a lad so is pretty derelict now. I was guessing that Fourputt would have it off pat. The circle is the size of a ball
  2. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    I can't find a protractor but taking the the diameter of a golf ball, what is the gap between two lines diverging at 1 degree? Or another way, by what would you miss the target for each mm that you are off your aim.
  3. Here's another one TESTED: Flagstick In (vs) Flagstick Out? Should golfers leave the flagstick in or take the flagstick out? {VIEW RESULTS}
  4. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    The 'new rule' is a Local Rule and has to be in force in order to use it.
  5. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    That will be good. I was discussing it with out club committee yesterday and was asked to contact the R&A but they are so under resourced it could take weeks. I must admit though I have never seen how such a short line (even on a casino chip) can be used accurately to point to a target a couple of yards or more away. No doubt someone can do the math and calculate how much the ball will miss by for every mm error in placing the marker and per metre of travel.
  6. My wife has just had a hip replacement. She is practicing dropping using the lazy tongs she was given on leaving hospital. Bu I wonder what 'held' is intended to mean.
  7. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    As said, the ball is excluded but seemingly not a lined ball marker
  8. Rulesman

    "Chapman" Competition Rules Question

    How to Play a Pinehurst Tournament (or Pinehurst System) in Golf The Pinehurst System is a fun golf format, especially for two partners of differing abilities. Here's how to play it, plus its several alternate names. The USGA recognise it in the USGA Handicap Manual
  9. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

  10. So they are not reconsidering the removal of the penalty 😃
  11. The one iacas posted first is described as FINAL VERSION. The second one is described as March 2018 Update. 6. Proposals that Need More Time for Consideration is not in the second
  12. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    New clarifications introduced by the R&A and USGA The R&A - Resources Centre
  13. Rulesman

    USGA/R&A Finalize 2019 Rules of Golf

    Yes, the model LR says "... by placing the original ball or another ball ...."
  14. 14-3/3 Eyeglasses and Binoculars Standard eyeglasses and binoculars that have no range-finder attachments are not artificial devices within the meaning of the term in Rule 14-3.

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