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  1. They have just released an update with 3 corrections !
  2. The original answer was 'Rule 14.7' but I am told they had missed 6C(9) bullet 2 in Committee Procedures. I haven't even read the question
  3. I have it on good authority that the MGA have realised the score for #25 should be 11
  4. Yes. On looking again at the nighttime video, he could well have had a drop further back. I wonder of the removal of the word 'behind' affected the two players. Edit: The commentator implied an interesting point. May be balls so rarely end in the water at that point and players have got it in their brain that they use the DZ, S&D or if they are short, play from a little nearer.
  5. I don't know where the hole was positioned exactly but if he hadn't spotted the difference between a line and a corridor, the old rule may not have afforded relief.
  6. The Players 2019 Tiger Woods may not have seen drop Brandel Chamblee points out to David Duval and Frank Nobilo that Tiger Woods might have been able to take an easier drop after hitting it in the water on No. 17 at The Players on Friday.
  7. It certainly went very painlessly. Didn't feel a thing. Well done.
  8. Waist height? What would they say when they start plugging in bunkers.
  9. Why would it not have been embedded last year?
  10. The wording has changed subtly from 'that could influence ....' to 'intended to influence'
  11. The Definition of Advice includes: Any verbal comment or action (such as showing what club was just used to make a stroke) that is intended to influence a player in: Choosing a club, Making a stroke, or Deciding how to play during a hole or round. However, Examples of comments or actions that are not advice include: A player looks into another player's bag to determine which club he or she used for the last stroke without touching or moving anything. But note the use of the words intended to influence above. This is causing some debate in some circles.
  12. I thought that is what Erik did but got an answer to a different question.
  13. I have no problem with it but it seems that other qualified referees disagree
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