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  1. Determining Honor in Handicapped Match Play

    This has to be so because stroke play (except for stableford) does not recognise a net score for a hole. The net score only applies to the whole round. In stableford the lowest net score takes the honour.
  2. Hitting the Flagstick at the PGA

    Ignoring 2019 for the moment, leave the flagstick in if playing from off the green.
  3. Provisional ball ruling

    1) Plays original towards RH water and trouble. Ball may or may not be in water hazard. 2 & 3) Legitimately plays provisional into LH water. 4 & 5) Takes a drop under LWH rule and plays it The question is now. Was that ball dropped and played from a place nearer the hole than where he thought his original might lie? If so, that ball now becomes the ball in play lying 5. If not, the original is still the ball in play until he does play the dropped ball from a place nearer the hole than the estimated position of the first. If the first is found before that, it is the ball in play and the provisional (ie the one dropped earlier) is dead and he lies 2 with his original.
  4. Rules Aren't Made to be Broken

    The reason why a rule is breached is irrelevant. It is simple, if a rule is breached by accident or design, an appropriate penalty is applied. it doesn't matter WHO you are, or WHERE you are, or HOW MANY people see what you did
  5. 26 relates to a ball which is known or virtually certain to be in a water hazard. This is not the case so rule 27 applies.
  6. Overlooking a breach of rules in match play?

    Further to the above. If they agree to the result of the hole being altered after they have started the next hole, they will be agreeing to alter the result of the match. To me that is a 1-3 offence.
  7. Overlooking a breach of rules in match play?

    You have it right. A sees B breach a rule. Decides to ignore it and says nothing. No agreement. A sees B breach a rule. Decides to take not action but mentions it to B. B says 'thank'. Agreement. B breaches a rule. A does not see it. B mentions it to A as they are leaving the green. A says 'don't worry, ignore it'. B says 'OK'. Agreement.
  8. See it here at about 2.00: http://www.foxsports.com/golf/video/1012990019518 But it doesn't seem to work with Chrome. IE is ok.
  9. Another player's ball knocked mine into the hole

    18-1/3 Player Unaware Ball Moved by Outside Agency Does Not Replace Ball Q.In stroke play, a player's ball was moved by an outside agency. Neither the player nor his caddie was aware that his ball had been moved, so the player played the ball without replacing it. He then learned that his ball had been moved. What is the ruling? A.As it was not known or virtually certain that the ball had been moved by an outside agency when the player played the ball, he proceeded properly and incurred no penalty.
  10. May a caddy mark the player's ball on the green?

    To be pedantic, he may mark the ball without lifting it. He may lift it only if the player authorises him each time. A ball to be lifted under the Rules may be lifted by the player, his partner or another person authorized by the player. (My comment 'each time' may be contested.)
  11. If you are asking about touching you line of putt, there is no breach if you are simply tamping down a ball mark. Tamping it down is a method of repairing it. Probably not the best way but a way.