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  1. Your right foot comes up early because you have a hip thrust and you lose your posture. Block/Hooks your miss? Probably have a shank every once in a while too. Google it, there will be a bunch of tips for you. Check out Titleist TPI too. Other than that, BS is a bit inside and long but looks like a decent swing. Driver looked like it came in a little steep though.
  2. Stop flipping. Come into contact with a flat left (right if left handed) wrist.
  3. Get a new coach. If you have been with this guy for over two months and he has not made you better, but has made you worse, it's time for a wake up call. Especially if you have been putting in the effort that you say you have. I just hope you did not get a package deal so you're stuck with him
  4. I disagree. Many children (adults too) plumb bobb it because the pros do. If anyone thinks Tiger (and he's not the only one, I've seen Nick O'hern and Pat Perez do as bad if not worse than Tiger with slamming clubs) slamming clubs is not a big deal, then you have not experienced another golfer do it in real life. I witnessed a playing partner do a Tiger on 10 at Turnberry and it ruined the entire hole for all four of us. No one could speak because it was so awkward and frightening. If you are a real man and a real golfer, you should be able to control your emotions and not disrupt your playing partners. Even Arnie made fun of Tigers reactions. P.S. I spit and cuss on the golf course. I am strictly talking about throwing and slamming golf clubs.
  5. I'm with everyone else on this, it sounds like it would not be a good fit. Also, the guy sounds like he's going to be a cookie cutter instructor. He has only one method and one way of teaching and will not adapt to your swing. But try him out for a lesson see what you think. I do think you're taking the right step with getting lessons though, I've been there when you hit a wall and you really do need an instructor to help you get through that block. I think when you do find a great instructor and start getting lessons, you'll think to yourself "Why did I not do this years ago!" As for your swing, I remember seeing it a year ago and even you know your backswing is a little too flat. I used to be in the same boat as you, and although it's easier said than done, getting your backswing more upright will improve your swing instantly. Swing in front of the mirror and get your backswing more upright, it might feel as though your club is going outside the target line (for me it did) and even way too vertical, but I bet you that'll do wonders. Best of luck.
  6. Andrew Magee got suspended from the Golf Channel for saying "I just saw a fan wearing a T-shirt that read, 'I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie.' " Thoughts? Should they have suspended him? Apparently he thought he was off the air when he said it and Gary Mccord did not find the shirt amusing.
  7. Other way around And Furyk is using the 909 still I believe and has used TM in the past.
  8. Have not seen a thread about this yet. If I missed it please close. http://www.pgatour.com/2008/r/12/15/...ton/index.html Do you guys think they made the right choice? I thought Paddy should have won PotY over Tiger, and am happy for him that he did. Thoughts?
  9. Hmm, it looks like you have too much weight on your heels, which could lead to a flatter swing. Try putting more weight on the balls of your feet and see what happens.
  10. I sure hope you get that converter box, or you won't have any any TV! Seriously, do you have rabbit ears or something? -And Tirico is a pro.
  11. I don't know who that was directed at, but I'll respond. I basically wanted/want to know how exactly the driver is designed. Looking at it, my Tour Burner could have a closed face, so when I set up with the shaft straight up/leaning back, it looks like I'm going to pull the ball. This caused me to to pull the head back, increasing loft, which increased the height. But I was losing distance like I have said. I was just wondering if anyone knew how the driver should sit at address.... Maybe the problem is I should hover then align.... Don't really know how your post helped anyone.
  12. jonanthans, the BCS is far from perfect. The difference between College Football and every other college sports, hell even the NFL, is that every game matters . Week 13 in the NFL you know about 9-10 of the teams in the spots. This waters down the last 4 weeks of the regular season and it drags on. Who cares about College Basketball regular season? I'm in college and I don't. But I do love March Madness. College Baseball regular season is terrible to watch. That is why the playoff system would cause the regular season to water down. Would Iowa beating Penn St. be a big deal? Yes. Would it kick them out of an 8 team playoff? Nope. So no big loss there. there arent 8 teams that are worthy by the time the last regular season game is played Disagree again. Lee Corso was talking about an 8 team playoff being taking the winner of each conference and an at large or two bid, so maybe two Big XII teams could get it. Guess who gets left out? OU, Texas, Texas Tech or even Oklahoma State. Guess who gets left out? Bama, FU, possibly even UGA. It'll happen every time. It's just not that simple to have a playoff. In your scenario, it was 4 teams playing. There are more than 4 teams that should be allowed in your playoff. Hell, there's 3 that are in the same division! What about Penn St? What about Tech or Texas if you invite OU, what about Bama if you invite FU? How does it work? And yes, SOS is hard to determine at the beginning of the year. But there is no denying Utah has had it much harder than Boise, by far. The toughest game Boise has is playing at Eugene. Tough game indeed. But one game doesn't prove anything. Utah played a terrible Michigan game at the big house, even though Michigan flopped that still gets you points. They also beat Oregon St, along with CSU. Both were at home yes, but at least they're schedule decent out of conference teams unlike Boise or God forbid Ball St. It's very easy to see who has had a harder road, and Utah has had a much harder road than Boise by far. Hence why if they run the tables, they earned a BCS game. Boise on the other hand, can have a decent bowl game, but don't let them ruin my BCS games like Hawaii did last year. I'll say it again, a playoff really will not amount to anything IMO. I think the system is far from perfect, but it really adds to drama every single week. And I could be in the minority here, but I love football. And I love seeing 6-5 teams out of conference actually play each other in random bowls on a random Tuesday in late December. Do you remember the UCLA BYU game last year? I do. Do you remember the great game between Boise and East Carolina with ECU pulling it out? I do. Do you remember when my Sun Devils didn't show up to play Texas, and Mac Browns (i think) son touched a live ball? I do. These bowl games are great, so please don't try and tell me they're a joke. The bowl system is great IMO. You have 32 winners, and 32 losers. The only problem I see is the non-BCS schools taking spots away from real teams in the BCS Bowl games . Mizzou should've gone instead of Hawaii last year, but because of Boise, everyone thinks that these undefeated teams are great and should even be considered for the National Title! You gotta be kidding me. Mizzou and UGA last year would have been a great Sugar Bowl, but instead the BCS decides to let Hawaii in and be an embarassment. Didn't Colt Brennan have to be taken out of the game eventually because UGA beat him up so bad Lol. I think we should keep the Non-BCS schools out of the BCS bowls, unless of a tougher schedule like Utah went through. I really do think that would fix a lot of problems. If someone could honestly develop a great playoff system that would not mess with the regular season, and can somehow have it where a deserving team is not left out, and an undeserving team is not let in, I would be all for it. You don't think I would love to see a Bama and Texas play eachother to move on to the National Title to Play either USC/FU. It would be great drama. But I just don't see it working out like that. -Sorry for the long post, didn't realize how long it was til I previewed it
  13. Thanks. Anyone else know exactly how the driver should be sitting at address?
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