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  1. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Just remembered this gem
  2. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    I know this, but can't work out how to resolve it. I've tried everything tbh. Do I need to need to resist more with Left arm? Grip change? I'm fighting some dirty habits here so help appreciated. Any training aids I could use? I've got a tour striker educator.?
  3. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    What do My Forearms and Wrists need to change to? Seems the more I over emphasise trying to get to baseline from P3> I get worse 😞
  4. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Yeh, which is where I think is caused by my tilt motion? Am I going in to too much forward bend from P3 to P4? Or am I chasing a position/look here in 2d that in 3d is different. Just reviewing some vids and right arm flexion goes up...maybe my feel is to pull right arm back at the moment.
  5. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Been a while. Interested to understand peoples view on my side bends. Getting the club off baseline at P5, working on this stuff over winter is like drilling in my head lol
  6. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Hi, Define narrow at the top, this is what i meant about what is it i need to feel to get better structure there? My feeling is i've got to get better setup at the top to ensure I can shallow better.
  7. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Hi all, Its been a while. Worked on some stuff last year that got me to an ok placr but i suffer from being too flat. Ive worked on more steeper tilt in backswing and hand path to match. Only issue im banging my head against the wall is my P3-4 i lost the arms in front and really suffer in transition. Ive read about extensor action which may be what i need to feel. but when i try this i still get internal with left arm. Drills drills drills i need them...just not sure what can help me.
  8. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Decided to address the ball with a clubface width away from the ball...then engage glutes/back/upper body to the ball so i'd hit it.
  9. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Got any video you recommend seeing? I need to work in right elbow in BS but I never seem to be able to get that ER and in a laid off position at the top (like @mvmac
  10. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Sorry i meant my back!
  11. deason

    My Swing (deason)

    Do i need to add extension P3 to P4? Wondering if it's why i'm not able to get the arms going upwards more and more width. Been so long not posting on here and working on (what seems pointless) efforts with my game I forgot my password lol
  12. deason

    Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy Star in New Nike Ad

    Bit cheesy for me in areas....a lot of the rory story i think is sugar coated, i'm sure it wasn't all happy families and there were plenty of up's and downs relationship wise in the family, and i'm sure the whole "golf when you want where you want" is over exaggerated. Houses this part of the world are small....he would not had got away with chipping balls into a washing machine all day I can tell you! He also didn't use nike clubs from what i've read :)
  13. deason

    GolfDigest Editor Goes Undercover as a Cart Girl

    This is what I expected from it, in England we either stock up with food and drink (won't be booze before)...get something quick at the turn (again it won't be booze), or do it after. None of the above applies during competitions for club golfers...for casual golfers who play the goat tracks then they mainly either take there own beer or are already pissed before arriving as they are on a long weekend at the venue playing multiple courses in a society event. To be honest, over here though I wouldn't see this level of "service" being something that would last commercially, the clubs would just overprice everything and people would bring there own drink anyway, plus its only hot here 3 months of the year.

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