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  1. Well, I'm not even looking for a hero shot. I'd be happy with something just to get it on and then 2 putt. If there's little danger in going long, then you might as well try contacting the ball and hoping that you judge it correctly. I just don't see the point in playing the ball backwards unless there's danger long or other problems. But, technique wise, I suppose there's really nothing that can be done.
  2. Far too frequently on my home course my ball comes to rest in a sand trap against the back edge. The sand is relatively fluffy and so the balls do not always roll down into the flat part of the trap. The sand and back edge are not level--the back edge is usually about an inch or two above the sand level at the back. When the ball comes to rest near the back edge, it's impossible to take my normal sand shot because I have to come down on the ball pretty steeply in order for my club to clear that back edge. Is there any intelligent way to play a shot from this kind of lie? When I come down and try to play it like a normal sand shot, I either chunk it into the trap (didn't pull the club up fast enough from the sharp decent) or I catch all ball and send it flying.
  3. Getting out of deep, fluffy sand

    To add one more thing. I've been playing the wedges open, but the result hasn't been what I wanted. I'm playing the Ping S Tour wedges (60/56/52) and both the 56 and 52 have 12* of bounce. So I can try the 56 again and open it. What I ended up doing was choking down on the 52* and keeping it neutral at address and just blasting straight through, but that gets inconsistent results.
  4. Hi All, My regular course just filled the bunkers with new sand. It's deep and incredibly fluffy--think like stepping on to the beach. Everyone seems to be complaining about it and the greenskeeper says that, eventually, it will compact and be of the appropriate consistency. Until then... how do I get out of it? I've tried everything I can think of and I can't get a consistent result. I'm usually pretty good out of the sand, but this has me at a loss. Any suggestions?