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  1. Answer: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 2. Is your number greater than the number I'm thinking of? Responses Yes = your number is 3 I don't know = your number is 2 No = your number is 1
  2. Choose how plays first. If there's an even number of chips that fit on the table greater than 2, you go first. If an odd number of chips fit, then your opponent goes first. (I think).
  3. The biggest difference between what you've said and reality is that ANYONE (even you) can research ON THIS SITE what the 5SK is all about (meat).
  4. I enjoy playing with strangers, but try not to due to my poor eyesight. When playing with friends, they help me out by watching where my ball lands. I don't feel comfortable asking a stranger to do that for me and I don't feel it's acceptable for them to wait on me to find my ball.
  5. What are the reasons someone wants to change their swing? The only reasons I can think of are 1) Their current swing is causing pain or injury 2) They want to hit the ball farther 3) They want to hit a location (on the golf course) more consistently 4) They want to have more control of the ball (spin, etc) There are probably other reasons, but I doubt anyone wants to change for the sake of "technique" alone. Technique is a means to an end IMHO.
  6. When the golf club hits the golf ball, what's required for the ball to go up in the air? In a properly struck golf shot, what does the divot tell you? What primarily determines the starting direction of the golf ball? Can you actually compress a golf ball? Why is it easier to curve a 4-iron than a sand wedge? What makes a golf ball break? How do you increase backspin on a shot? What has to actually happen? If you look at any PGA Tour range, almost everyone has a different style of grip, posture, alignment, etc. How are they fundamentals? At what point in the swing do the hands reach their lowest point? With a driver, why does hitting up actually make the ball go farther? 1) The club has to hit the ball below the equator of the ball relative to the slope of the lie. For example, a ball (on a 2 degree uphill slope) hit with a forward leaning 3 iron having a 3 degree effective loft AND with a 3 degree positive angle of attack hit just below the equator of the ball will go up in the air with no spin. 2) If your clubs are property fitted? 3) Club face because golf balls are harder nowadays and don't ride on the club as long as they used to 4) Yes 5) Becuase the curve is a result of the difference between side spin and back spin. The 4 iron imparts less back spin allowing for more curve than a sand wedge. 6) A golf ball breaks primarily because of gravity. 7) To increase backspin on a ball you must increase the difference between the loft and the angle of attack. 8) These are the factors that allow you to hit repeatable shots? 9) Just before impact on a driver when you want a positive angle of attack and at or after impact on an iron where you want to increase backspin. 10) Hitting up with a driver makes the ball go farther because it decreases the difference between the loft and the angle of attack, thereby decreasing backspin.
  7. Listen to music that has 3/4 time. I like "blue danube".
  8. I think the main reason threads get locked is due to redundant/repetitive posts. This isn't just here but most forums. For the "Instruction and playing tips" area the best posts I see are the ones that follow a "point, counter point, discussion" sequence. Not the "point, counter point, nuh-uh, uh-huh" sequence.
  9. I wonder what the progression was to get to that "grip". I think i'd have tried swining the club with my feet before i went to that grip.
  10. 3/4 time. I listen to Blue Danube before every round.
  11. I practice putting with three balls. Set two balls about 3 feet apart. From about another 3 feet, putt to one (of the two balls) so it carries just enough speed to touch the third ball. This helps me with concentration as well as feedback on whether my stroke is on line.
  12. I have a callous on my left hand due to wearing a wedding ring when I play.
  13. I use the socre for the hole minus the number of putts to tell me how many strokes were used to get on the green. I don't play that often so I only have maybe 40 cards a year to go through, so this isn't that bad for me to calculate. Maybe takes less than an hour to go through a year's worth of cards.
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