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  1. Just read an article in Golf Digest (SEP 12/pg28) by Sean Foley about keeping the ball position constant from long to short iron shots. The only change you need to make is the width of your stance.I tried it and had limited success, but with practice it might prove effective. Has anyone else read this? If so, what are your thoughts on this?
  2. Fairway wood shaft replacement

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  3. Looking to replace the stock shaft in a Mizuno F-60 3W R-flex I bought used. Does anyone have any suggestions for a S-flex replacement? NOTE: I have had 2 previous negative Aldila experiences, love my UST V2 S-flex 66g/3.0* TQ replacement driver shaft. Swing speed 102, prefer mid launch. Thanks
  4. 2012 PGA Championship Prediction Contest!

    Steve Stricker -12 Johnson Wagner -11 Jonathan Bird -10
  5. 2012 British Open Prediction Contest

    The guy who posted this didn't read the rules first, what an idiot. Just to clear things up... Theodore "Ernie" Els -6 Steven Stricker -5 Timothy Clark -5
  6. 2012 British Open Prediction Contest

    Tiger -7 Els -6 Rory -6
  7. Ryan Moore and the New Rule 18-2b

    I guess I wasn't clear enough when I said that I teach them to obey every rule. I didn't look away from this or any other infraction. No matter what my problem with the rule is I still obey them and teach my nephews to do the same. My point is, if soling the putter causes a worm to fart and that causes the ball to move a fraction then the penalty is a joke (but still enforced) and decreases the enjoyment of the game. I played on a green last week that I couldn't even mark my ball without it running down the hill (diseased portion of the green). Now I think everyone can agree that if you sole your putter on the putting surface without touching the ball and it moves isn't a matter of being an unfair rule, it's a matter of being a poorly written rule. I'm not talking about the ball being in the rough and your practice swings or soling it causes it to move. I'm just addressing the putting aspect.
  8. Ryan Moore and the New Rule 18-2b

    I guess I have to use a better term than quiver so Iacas can understand. For example, I line my putt up with the alignment tool on the ball. I place my putter behind the ball and channel my inner Chevy Chase and try to "be the ball". Then inadvertently the ball moves enough that the alignment mark on the ball is no longer on the line. It has obviously moved even if its now resting just a few dimples away from the original ones. It's just a nitpick rule that adds to the frustration of younger players. For instance, I've been taking my nephews out to teach them the game. I make them count every stroke, hole every putt, and obey every rule. I enforce penalties on them according to the rule book. Do you know how heartbreaking it is for my oldest nephew (15) to be putting for his 1st birdie and have this happen? It makes them want to quit and play something "fun". Gentlemen playing a gentlemenly game should have no problem allowing their opponent to replace the ball as long as it can be determined where that spot was and no advantage was gained from the movement of the ball (i.e. a read on the line). It's a dumb rule, bottom line, really.
  9. The 2012 Players Championship Prediction Contest!

    Hunter Mahan - 274 David Toms - 275 Keegan Bradley - 275
  10. NXT Tour vs Gamer V2

    I was playing the Bridgestone e6 but I wanted a better short game ball with good distance. I tried a sleeve of the NXT Tours and loved them. I have not played the Gamer V2 so I cannot comment on it. The NXT Tours have moderate spin with the short irons, a quality that gives me enough spin in the short game but doesn't kill my score off the tee. They don't zip backwards on the green with the wedges but always stop within 2 ft of the pitch mark. The feel is much softer than any distance ball but aren't spongey like the Pro V1's or Taylormade Penta's I've tried, they're somewhere in the middle. They are also pretty durable, I have played whole rounds with one ball and they show little wear. I won a bucket of 100 used ones of the 2010 model in "MINT" condition on eBay for $55. Upon inspection, 96 were actually mint and I'm very happy with my choice (can't beat 55 cents for a one time struck ball). I will re-evaluate my game and what I need in a ball when this bucket of 100 is done and make a similar purchase. While this ball is pretty good, I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing a different make of 100 balls next time. Good luck in finding the ball that helps you improve the most.
  11. Rory McIlroy the new face of golf?

    I agree. In my opinion, to truly be "the face of golf" people outside of the world of golf have to know who you are.The face of golf is an ambassador to the Non-Golfer world and is easily recognizable. When people who don't care about golf can see a picture of Rory and identify him as "that pro golfer guy" then you could say he is the face of golf. Right now, due to the good and bad, Tiger IS the face of golf.
  12. I recently stopped using the Bridgestone E6 and have started to see my scores improve with the Titleist NXT Tour. I loved the E6 and swore by it. The E6 is great off the tee and does exactly what it says it will do which is reduce spin off the tee for straighter shots. I found it very easy to keep in the fairways off the tees. My only complaint was that it was hard to use on and around the greens. I bought a sleeve of NXT Tours to see how they performed. This ball is definetly not as straight off the tee for me, but my scores have steadily improved. They allow more control on chip and pitch shots and have a moderate amount of spin. The ball also feels great off the putter face and has the NXT Tour aiming line to help line it up. I was shooting in the mid to high 90's with regularity. I switched to the Titleist and lost about 5 yds off the tee, but I have shot 3 out of my last 5 rounds in the high 80's. To me it's well worth the few extra dollars. Hope this helps and good luck.
  13. 2012 Waste Management Discussion Thread

    We can all learn from Kyle Stanley, congratulations to him. Spencer Levin can and will come back from this I believe.
  14. New F2 SS wedges

    I saw the first F2 wedges on an infomercial years ago. The explanation of the design made sense to me, but, I wasn't sold on the looks. When I met someone that had one of these, he let me address a ball with one and the hosel placement just looked too weird. Just wondering if anybody out there has seen or even tried this newer version. http://www.f2golf.com/shop/wedges_select_loft.aspx?c=11&t;=c