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  1. I know tour pros go through completely different club fittings than we do, but i think Rory is gonna have a hard time getting used to those Nike VR wedges after playing Vokey's for so long.. I made the opposite switch this year and the vokeys feel so much heavier than my VRs. They look similar at address but have a totally different feel. There probably isn't that big of a weight difference, but it definitely changed my shot making around the greens when I switched to vokeys.
  2. I wish I was in Hilton Head this week!!! I'm up north and it is killing me. The heritage may be my favorite tournament that I have ever attended...aside from the Masters. And I have been to three PGA's, Two US Opens and a bunch of others. It's just so laid back and cool in Hilton Head. So jealous of my family who all gets to go while I am stuck in NW Indiana.
  3. I started to doing the fast option for chipping. it works, but if you are slightly off you are screwed. I do it for all my putts under 7-8 feet as well...it takes the break out and goes in most of the time. Also, I just now noticed that the tournaments that you are setting up aren't Tour Pro and allow you to use spin. I think you should still make them custom with the grid, but no spin. I never use spin because it is completely unrealistic...its like saying when you talk to your ball, but it actually listens. It will also prevent guys from shooting -64. How is that even fun? I s
  4. I would thrown it right back to him....probably not, but that would be cool. If Augusta wanted it for some bullish$t Jim nance moment, they better make me a member!:-D
  5. It is terrible...i know there has to be some trick to it that we aren't getting, but it's still terrible. I got pretty good at the putting but it is totally unrealistic pulling back your putter super slow until you get to the line. I thought they were pushing this whole tempo based swing. If I putted or chipped like that on the course people would laugh at me.
  6. Made a run at you, Jamo! I was left a 5 or 6 just a millimeter short...I actually thought I was going to pull it off at first. Anyone else seeing glitches in your game? The commentators in my game always start stuttering and every once in a while things will happen like hitting a PW 200+ yards and obviously out of bounds. This always happens when you buy the first run of new games...especially with Tiger.
  7. Just accomplished two things that I never knew where possible... First, there was a glitch in my game or my controller was stuck and kept making my strike meter move up without me touching anything...I swung and missed 4 times!..then it made me skull a ball into the water. Hence going -8, -9, +2 in my first three rounds. TOTAL BULLSH#T! Although, I know that swinging and missing is actually not just a glitch though because it unlocked an achievement when I did it. Next, I skipped a ball across the water on 15!! Total accident but I hit one short, obviously, and it skipped twice and ran
  8. I was playing with Tiger too
  9. Ahhhh....it was after two rounds...but -12 in round 2 is pretty impressive. Did you stay late after round 1 to work some stuff out on the range? Ha ha:-D
  10. Jamo must have bought the collectors edition and has been taking advantage of the state of the art practice facilities at Augusta! -15?
  11. I love how once you play the masters after winning us am that your first tourney after turning pro is tpc San antonio, a course thaT doesn't even come with the game. Way to try and dip into my pockets right off the bat, EASPORTS! At least you can the change course if you don't haVe the one being played.
  12. I'm gonna try and play a round in cc tourney right now. BOB LOBLAW1 coming to get ya!:-O
  13. Chipping still sucks even with strike point...unrealistic swing...in 2012 it was a short swing and you could chip up by taking low road with an 8 iron or check it up with a 60. I have bought every tiger game since it has come out so I still score well it's just things like this that piss me off. Shows that non golfers make these games.
  14. No...and yes you can still play motion plus with one hand. And I was being slightly sarcastic. I guess I didn't think about the strike point with chipping...I haven't really used that at all really. I'll try it out.
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