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  1. I think thats a good idea, if i give it an honest try say hit 100 balls that way, i can then make a better decision, so is that all i need to do to change to a 1 plane? or have i got to make sure the shoulder angle is steeper, steeper than the second video of me with the s wedge? Also what would be the best club to practice this drill? Any other tips? Well i am playing a round tomorrow and wont be at the range until sunday but will give it a try then.
  2. Great response jetfan, thanks for clearing that up, still in two minds of whether to change or not, i know that having worked my swing up again after having lessons about 3 months ago (which did not help) if i make such a change it will mean another 2 or 3 months of practicing and frustration, 3 steps backwards to take 4 forward kind of thing. I'm not sure if i am ready for that right now, one thing i noticed today that i was taking my hands back way too much on the inside, causing some swings to go over the top. When i worked on taking the club back more n plane the finish of my back-swing wa
  3. Yes the advice pointed out my different posture one thing that confuses me is, that if I'm a 2 plane swinger then working on a steep shoulder plane would only make me come to the ball at a steeper angle right? Where as in my swing my shoulders provide the rotation and the arms the lift. I'm not completely 100% I'm right there but if someone could confirm one way or another that would be great. I watched a seminar with Jim hardy last night, that kinda made things clearer, you see when i work on a steeper shoulder plane I'm just digging holes, is there something else i need to change in o
  4. I see what your saying but then i also think that it could be that the s2 swing is not as aesthetically pleasing and not necessarily unnatural, as it's simply a turn around a plane keeping the face perpendicular to it at least for the bottom half of the swing back to shaft parallel. Another link about discussion of a square face for longer into the back-swing http://thesandtrap.com/t/31893/clubface-square-to-the-plane
  5. Ye thats it exactly, you ever tried it yourself colin?
  6. Ye there really isn't that much info on it, however those i have read and videos I've seen say that its a much easier way of swinging as if you don't roll the forearms on the way back u don't on the way down giving more consistency, the bad things I've read are basically saying hat no matter what u do the club has to open at some point and therefore its not square to square, however i would say so what if that's true for me by keeping the club more square on the way back for longer i get back to square a lot sooner in the downswing, and it had reduced my spray angle, on the downside when i fir
  7. Heres a good link to look at http://hardhittinggolfer.com/mikeaustininstruction.php
  8. These are my approx yardages 64* - 70 yds 60* - 85 yds SW - 105 yds PW - 125 - 130 yds 9i - 140 yds 8i - 150 yds 7i - 155 - 160 yds some reason dont like this club 6i - 175 yds 5i - 185 yds 4hy - 200 yds 5w - 205 yds 3 w - 220-240 yds Dr - 250 - 270 yds Ok so i wont break any records but as im new to the sport, and only weight a little over 140 lbs i dont think id call the swing lacking in power. Whats your understanding of the square to square swing and why do you think its poor,i dont really wanna continue learning somethin
  9. well definateley dont agree with that as mike austin used the square to suare swing and drove 515 yds (wind assisted) at the age of 64 It works for me
  10. God its a confusing sport, lol, some say one thing some another, i will try both but i guess it would take a while doing it both ways in order for me to tell which is best. One thing that really helped today with consistency and didn't lose me any distance at all, was limiting the hip turn on the back swing, i felt more balanced after the swing and the balls were going pretty straight. I use what would be called as a square to square swing, were as i keep the club closed as long as possible (well technically square to the plane) but most would say closed, Scored an 89 toda
  11. sorry moving toward the ball with the right hip*
  12. By too far from the ball do you mean feet or body? Standing too close seems to make me feel all bunched up like I'm scraping my thigh on the downswing, but i have been at the range today, and trying to implement the turning the left hip out of the way rather than turning the right hip forward and have seen some good results, still working on it though, having the left foot flared open a little seems to help, but i looked into the right foot being open and every opinion was that it definitely shouldn't be. Anyway what i am thinking is that the bunched up feeling was from moving toward th
  13. Hey guys thanks for the replies much appreciated, after accidently posting this is this part of the forum i reposted in the my swing section and have uploaded more videos love to know what you think about the other vids. Thanks oh here is the link http://thesandtrap.com/t/55227/my-swing-danieljtill
  14. Ye that one must have slipped my mind, was very cold, most of my shots were not bad though today, almost all of those s wedge shots hit the green (about 110 yards), the only bad shots i hit were fat, do you think the right hip moving toward the ball while not clearing the left hip is one of my main reasons for loss of balance? Well i have only been playing for just over 6 months now, and its coming together step at a time, so glad i bought a video camera, has helped a lot. I started off averageing low 90's my first 5 or so rounds, but after about a month i was on the verge of breaki
  15. Hi guys here's those videos i promised tried to take some of the advice on board and from watching this back i believe i am doing what cross golf pro said about moving towards the ball or away in the swing, my butt moves toward the ball throughout the downswing this puts me off balance (quite clear to see down the line) , gotta work on the hogan power drill i think, lol, wipe the glass with that ass :). Was a perfect day for golf, nice and windy, any comments appreciated.
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