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  1. Or you can decide that a full shot couldn't possibly reach the green, and proceed to hit a career shot onto the green.
  2. I was a twice a month golfer up till then, and found my touch on the greens about 5 months ago, and then playing as much as i did during the summer, and being young, it seems to add up. And the only reason its as low as it is is because i had a four round stretch in half a week that was even par.
  3. Definitely doable. This summer I went from a 18 to a 1.3 in 5 months. It took me around 10 hrs of golf a day, so if you can devote 3-4 hrs a day you should be good (especially if you don't play rounds). Try to be honest about how good parts of your game are. I seperated my shots into 4 categories (drives, approaches, short game, putts) and give each shot a score 1-10 on each hole, then use that to dictate the practice for the next couple of days.
  4. If you're playing of a bit under 20 right now, then you still have about 25 shots to knock off your handicap before you would compare to a pro. And all 25 of those shots will get harder to knock off as your handicap gets lower. If you're thinking about playing college, just play as many tourneys as you can. By your junior year most division 1 coaches are interested in players who have a scoring average of about +1 in the tourneys.
  5. I always have a minimum of 50. Beginning of august I took out a bunch of balls from my bag. There were 88 in there (and I always walk). I end up about +1 on balls every round, so it adds up pretty quick.
  6. I'd probably have him swing righty, because the equimpent (especially junior clubs) is tough to find in LH. There are examples of people who are righty and swing lefty (Phil Mickelson) and people who are lefty and swing righty (Trevor Immelman), so I would imagine that it doesn't make a huge difference as long as it's consistent.
  7. You average 3.4 putts on this green?
  8. In your sig it says that it has a fat grip on it, that would definetly make a difference if the rossie had a regular grip. Also check if the length, lie, shaft shape (straight-in, single/double bend, plumbers neck) are the same
  9. No I definitely remember it. He has had multiple ugly tops out of US Open rough.
  10. Adam Scott, cause people take one look at his swing and start gushing about how good he is, but he rarely contends in majors. I don't think Padraig Harrington is overrated now (he deserves all the hype he's getting), but in a year I think he will be. In other words people will talk about him being a threat to win the British or PGA, and I don't think he will show up. And Immelman and Johnson. Since their masters wins, I've barely heard their name on a broadcast.
  11. During the school year, I'm around 10 hrs a week, 1 hr after school every day and 5 more on the weekends. In the summer its about its about 45 hrs a week but 20 of those are spent on the course (but I count them as practice cuz I'll hit two balls off the tee, or work on shots around trees, or from bad spots by the green.)
  12. At alot of the courses I play virtually all the hazards are marked as "Evironmentally Sensitive Areas", meaning that you are not allowed to enter them to hit or even retrieve your ball (or the incredibly tantilizing 100 other golf balls you can see). I mean c'mon, these are areas that have utterly no importance to the environment (that I can see) and I have a hard time believing that 10 or 20 people walking in them a day will hurt them. Especially cuz they used to graze cattle there, which would have a much bigger impact than a couple of humans strolling through.
  13. Not trying to be a pain, but what if you hit a par 5 in two and then smack your putt off the green?
  14. What do you guys think the top five in the world will look like 5 years from now? I know that some of the guys who might be are still way under the radar, so just use guys currently on tour. If you feel like it, you can give a guess at how many points each person will have. For reference, the top 5 in the world as of the end of the PGA Championship: 1. Tiger Woods...........18.36 2. Phil Mickelson..........9.87 3. Padraig Harrington....7.85 4. Sergio Garcia...........6.13 5. Vijay Singh..............5.63 I'll start: 1. Tiger Woods.............17.5 2. Anthony Kim.............10.0 3. Sergio Garcia............7.0 4. Justin Rose...............5.5 5. Robert Karlsson.........5.0
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