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  1. Been a hot minute, but thought I'd post some local favorites: Tustin Ranch is nice, but a bit pricey for what it is. Costa Mesa has a couple of nice courses. Rancho San Joaquin is playable, just don't plan on getting a full 18 in under 5 hours. Generally avoid Riverview and Shorecliffs. Outside of OC, Redhawk in Temecula is a lot of fun, as is Eagle Glen. Dove Canyon, Tukwet Canyon and Oak Quarry were great when we played them in a member outing. I also highly recommend Morro Bay GC and Cypress Ridge GC in Arroyo Grande.
  2. @Shindig thanks for the invite, but this month is already booked up for me. Hopefully I'll be up for the Fall or Winter outing....
  3. Bump. I'm a tentative yes. 90% i can make it, but need to confirm later in the month....
  4. Toughest would be Eagle Glen, where we played the SoCal Fall outing (72, 71.6, 134, 6510) Easiest would be Newport Beach golf course, which is a dirty little executive course (59, 54.7, 81, 3216)
  5. I had a great time...big thanks to Tristan and Barret for patiently waiti g for me to duff another shot...I must say, its always a pleasure playing with Sandtrap members, doubly so when I get to watch a 0 handicap go 1-under through nine....So thats how you're supposed to do it, huh?
  6. I'll probably just grab something at the course...couldn't find anything close to the course that sounded good...
  7. Updated my index....Hopefully can play a bit better than that come Sunday...
  8. So, looks like it'll be a bit warm out there next weekend...
  9. Correction: Was just notified by my better half that I have a wedding that weekend....With that said, 10/11 is looking better for me...
  10. 17/18 sounds good to me as well...hopefully it cools down by then....
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