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  1. Riiight, thanks. Let me guess, you use a pool cue since you're so awesome. No one's a good putter, we're all trying to improve and cover up any shortcomings. Do you try to sound like a douche all the time?
  2. I wish he'd explain why keeping hands ahead of the ball is fundamental. Anyway, I always thought an offset putter helps to decrease the exaggeration of a pulling (arc) swing. Just logically thinking: If your at address at 12o'clock and finish your putt swing at 10 o'clock: If your putter head is behind your hands, then it will never get to the 10 o'clock position, thus decreasing (not necssarily correcting) your pulling of your putt shots. So, I got my new SC mid slant and it's a half offset, as opposed to my old Odyssey which is a full off set. With the SC, I pulled everything. I was ju
  3. I've used a full offset and just recently tried a half offset and my putts are all over the place, mostly pulling. I occasionally push, but I think that might be my overcompensating for the pulls. I always thought an offset helps to NOT pull since the club head would be behind the hands.
  4. So can someone school me on how the offset, loft and lie affect the result? If someone swung a putter exactly the same way each time, what would happen to the ball when it's struck with a putter that has: no offset vs. full offset? 3* loft vs 4* loft? toe-up lie vs heel-up lie?
  5. I would never buy anything from eBay that is known to be counterfeited. Instead, buy a gift card (golfsmith/tgw/golf galaxy). Then go buy the real thing from the store/online.
  6. That's fine and dandy, but keep it to yourself. "Get in the hole?" Come on . . .
  7. Specifications * Loft : 4° * Lie : 71° * Length : 33'', 34'', 35'' * Headweight : 360g, 350g, 340g 360-340, NOT 350-330
  8. Agreed. I think clubs should be shorter/ball closer as the desired distance gets shorter. I'm at 33", but would like to cut it shorter.
  9. Thanks! Is this something I can order on the website or by phone? Or do I need to go through a store like Golfsmith and get fitted? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
  10. I was wondering if it was possible to order Scotty Cameron putters with your specific customization. I don't see anywhere on the site that has that info. I think it'd be terribly redundant to buy a new putter just to send it into the custom shop to have is fitted.
  11. The circa 62 only comes in 35" if that's an issue. btw, I think the cherry bombs look sweet. last year's rainbow colored studio's are an eyesore.
  12. So what happens after you're fitted? Do you pick out any clubs and they alter them for you? Or are there limited clubs from which you can choose? I'm 5'8" and tend to bend more and I find that the head of my clubs are not flat on the ground. The toes are usually up.
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