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  1. Man, I can't believe I forgot those two. I always play Ruggles Ferry when I'm home. Very nice course that is maturing well for only being around a few years now. Avalon is super nice too and always presents a headache for me for some reason.
  2. I'm definitely glad Norman played well, but why was there a seperate thread made when this could have been discussed in the British Open thread already made?
  3. I'm staying with my boy Sergio, but AK is also one of my fantasy picks. Both are great players and will be there in the late rounds on Sunday. I do enjoy seeing a +9 next to Fat Phil's name. :)
  4. Grew up in Maryville but live in Cookeville now for college. Lots of nice courses in the Knoxville area. Willow Creek, River Islands, Centennial, Egwani Farms, Three Ridges. The first two are my favorites in the area. But Millstone, Patriot Hills, and Graysburg Hills are some more favorites, just a bit further north.
  5. I wish I could swing like him. Must be working with 65 PGA Tour Titles and 14 Professional Majors. Obvious characteristic of an "aweful" swing in my book.
  6. Agreed here. Just because they are manufactured at the Bridgestone plant does not make them a Bridgestone ball and/or design.
  7. FIJIGolf23

    Let's go Rocco!

    I wouldn't call it a shame. I think that's a great testament to the game of golf and how unpredictable it is. Professionals are professionals. They have the ability to go out there and play ungodly rounds on a consistent basis. Tiger just does it much more consistently than anyone else, haha.
  8. Well, I went out there today and told myself I was going to shoot a good score. Period. My goal was to career it and shoot a 66. That would have matched my career low of -4 on 18 holes, but would have been my lowest amount of strokes on 18. BUT, I beat that. I shot a 65 with 3 bogeys. I left a ton of strokes on the course. Had two eagles and lipped out an 8 footer for my 3rd eagle. I also made some good par saves. I recently got my driver re-shafted with an 85x Aldila NV (Pink one) and love it to death. Today was only my second round with it and I only missed one tee shot. I am very pleased with the way I am playing going into my tournament this weekend, Green Meadow Invitational. Hopefully I can keep it going for a few weeks.
  9. FIJIGolf23

    Let's go Rocco!

    Tiger could care less about the money. His main focus is on capturing his 14th major and 3rd US Open. That's what drives him.
  10. Tiger shoots 69. Rocco shoots 73. Game Over....
  11. I duck down a little bit, drop my clubs, and use one hand to protect my head and the other hand to protect the crotchal region...
  12. They stated pretty clearly during the broadcast yesterday that the goal is not to make the Pro's play from the very back tip of the tee box on every single hole, but they have the potential to change the holes up quite a bit during the 4 days with different yardages. I can't remember the hole number, but they are talking about setting them up on the ladies tees possibly Saturday to give them a chance at driving the green if they choose. That's a great idea, IMO, that gives them a huge risk/reward possibility. I personally love the way they have the course set-up this year. Extremely challenging, but very fair. And the whole "humiliated" excuse does sound to be a bit of a stretch.
  13. Shot even par 72 in my TN State Match Play qualifier today. Was at Windtree Golf Club . First time I had seen the course. Course rating was 71.6 from the tips so I think I did alright. Did not putt well at all as I hadn't played in 5 days due to work. Now I get to play Greg Norman's new course here in Tennessee called Tennessee National. Extremely stoked about it as it is just about 20 minutes from where I live.
  14. Rock Barn Golf & Spa. Period. They have two 18-hole courses there. One is a Robert T. Jones Jr design and the other is a Tom Jackson. Played them both and both are incredible. The Tom Jackson is the easier of the two and is quite hilly. The Jones course is pretty long and pretty damn tough. Well worth it if you can play them.
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