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  1. I am working on letting my right elbow release from my body on the way back and getting my left arm more over my right shoulder on the back swing. On the way through I need to clear my body more and try to get swinging more left. I have been workin' hard this winter to implement these changes and I feel good about the swing. The test will be in Florida in a couple of weeks when I get away from this -40 (literally) weather and play some golf.
  2. I must say gang, that I am a little disappointed. I haven't been around in a LONG time and my favorite thread is only at 35 pages. I will take some pics of my updated bag and put them up here. Let's see some more gear!!!!
  3. I would agree. I enjoyed the show and the Harmon legacy was very interesting. I didn't realize that Claude Harmon was a master champ. I am always intrigued at how embarrassed, ashamed, whatever it is Feherty looks when his alcoholism is brought up in interviews. When Harmon brought up that his brother spoke to Feherty when he was having issues, you could see Davids energy change. I really like his show, could do without some of his cameos, and I find his interviews genuine and often provide information that I wasn't aware of.
  4. I really like Luke Donald, he has been one of my favorite players for a while and it's nice to see him finally winning. However I picked Tiger, for the reason that he looked really good at the Chevron and he has had some more time to tinker with his game. I think / hope that the PGA Tour is in for a bit of an awakening in 2012. I predict Tiger get's one major if not two this coming year and at least two other wins and is vaulted back to the top and if not really close.
  5. Joined...should just give me the trophy now...
  6. I completely agree...he has a great swing. How long did it take to get where he's at now (I know you had mentioned that you met him in the summer)? Kids of that age seem to pick up new things so quickly - just curious how long before you started to see major improvement. I love seeing videos of students that make huge improvements. I am a BIG proponent of working on what you learn from the pro...if you don't as you are clearly just wasting your time (and theirs for that matter) if you aren't. There are way too many people that think that they can take a new swing and implement it immediat
  7. Sounds interesting, but I have a funny feeling it's not going to be much better than the show they do with the champions tour. Here's to hoping that it is.
  8. He's a young guy with a lot of money and obviously likes to have a good time...who cares....
  9. You have some pretty good courses in there...even with Bandon Dunes missing. I am somewhat jealous.
  10. What makes you think that you hinge your wrists too early?
  11. I would love for DJ to find his form from a couple of years ago when he made that run at the majors. It's fun to watch him play!!
  12. I spend most of my practice with ball striking - mainly irons and half wedges. The best way to become a better putter is to hit it closer to the hole. I really should work more on the driver as it seems that when I am in the fairway, my scores are usually pretty good...if I am not the sky's the limit.
  13. As you know in golf, just because you beat someone on any given day, week, whatever, doesn't necessarily mean you are a better player. In golf someones success is heavily weighted on the number of majors they have won. I think Yani will have more majors than any other pro golfer (female or male) when her career is done.
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