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  1. I think it's a stupid strategy. Guys on tour use the long putters from all distances. It's hard enough to perfect one stroke let alone two strokes with two different types of putters.
  2. "Nice Drive, Nice 5!" - Usually said after making bogey on a par 4 from the middle of the fairway. When someone has a nice swing, but can't play, we call them "Anna Kournikova" - Looks good but never wins.
  3. I think Elena and Brian are perfectly messed for each other. I think Brian is hilarious, but he's a head case.
  4. I personally think Brian is the funniest BB contestant ever. I think they should bring him back for every season, including the all women seasons just to listen to him talk and see if he could eventually win something.
  5. Mine was #17 at Le Maitre in Tremblant , QC, Canada. Really tough hole as there is a large mound covering the right hand side of the green which can completely hide the flag if tucked far enough right. Thankfully the wind isn't predominately in your face.
  6. My Sandwedge has 16* bounce. I don't normally use my SW out of the sand. However I find the bounce sufficient for the conditions that I play in during the season. The one thing I don't like about my wedge is that it rips the cover off the ball.
  7. I believe you want a square face at address with an inside out swing path to hit the push draw. The inside out swing path gives you the "open" face.
  8. I would love to have a link to your swing thread, as some of the claims that you have made on this forum, I am really surprised you are posting this. If you need a refresher check out this thread. http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...t=CrazyXGolfer Sorry to be off topic, but nothing worse than a hypocrite.
  9. Not gimicky...they developed a new material and Lamborghini asked them for the technology. I would market the SH&T; out of that as well. Taylormade is poisoning the market with so many clubs, it has reduced the life cycle of clubs from two years to one every year. Are you trying to say that every TM club that comes out, which seems like every 4 months is better than the one they released before?
  10. Quinn07

    Mini Tour Play

    This thread should be a sticky (if it isn't already) and should have an asterisk beside it. I love it. Ben keep up the hard work man; I love reading about your rounds and progress!
  11. I am actually looking to put one of those shafts in my new Octane Tour. I am looking forward to trying the new Titleist as well. They look sweet.
  12. Quinn07

    Mini Tour Play

    - That is crazy amount of water! How many holes do they have there? Looks like it could honestly be 4 18's.
  13. For me it would be a tight race between Poulter #5 or Daly #2. They both look horrid!
  14. I don't know that Titleist would fit the Callaway type brand of golfing equipment. Titleist has that classic aura about the company where Callaway likes to market themselves as technology driven. For example their new forged carbon Razr driver. The new Titleist driver is probably the most "technology" Titleist has put out in years.
  15. I read somewhere that Fortune Brands is looking to shop the Titleist and Scotty Cameron brands. This should be interesting in the coming months to follow. I wonder if Puma will add to their newly acquired golf equipment division.
  16. I think this is a good bit of editing...he was probably being sarcastic or he was referencing something else. Just another example how the producers can possibly twist things.
  17. My problem is that I have a shaft that I like, and was willing to try new heads.
  18. REALLY?! I guess I will be holding onto my driver for a little longer until I can save up some funds / convince myself I REALLY need a new one. There are some beauties comin out though!
  19. Is the RAZR going to be released in their Imix setup? I know the octane isn't going to be.
  20. I would suggest a set of Callaway X-22's or 20's. They are good irons that have decent forgiveness and look and feel great.
  21. Is this years cool thing to do with clubs to make them uniform color? The new Nike Driver is all black including the shaft. I hit one today in the store and it had an all black Fubuki in it.
  22. And that's assuming that the job is available in this economy.
  23. Well this has to be 100% accurate and unless you are an assistant in Miami, it's not going to be a very nice appartment.
  24. ...yes I know...I Just thought that they could paint it white like they did for the Motore shaft...
  25. I would give it a go, but I would need a Diamana White board in it or it just wouldn't be wight!!!
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