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  1. From what I have heard the suspension of 7 games next season is pretty much negotiated by OSU. Apparently they put about 4 million into this game alone, so I think OSU went in and said "Look we just spent 4 mil on this game...let them play and we will take care of this internally next season (7 games - which is a lot of the season especially for a good program like OSU). Do I think they should be suspended for the bowl game, hell yes. Do I understand what the NCAA is doing....absolutely. I don't think anyone should be that surprised. I think Pryor is going to end up like Vicks bro...
  2. Great find Iacas. It's going to be interesting to see if this affects the show at all. In all honesty I kind of want to see this show just to see how they do portray him. Maybe her comments are a little premature as no one has actually seen an episode yet.
  3. Sorry I must have missed the explanation as to why having all of the same brand in your bag automatically makes the clubs useless...I have been to three different fittings and they have all stated that standard length and lie is where my clubs should be at. Not sure what a custom set of irons is going to provide that my current set apparently isn't going to. I agree that people should be fitted for their clubs, however I am not sure I would say that just because they are "name Brand" and one would argue that Scratch is certainly moving in that direction, why the clubs are useless.
  4. For what it's worth I use the Callaway JAWS wedge and really like it. I don't know exactly what you are looking for in a wedge, but as I play them I will recommend them.
  5. I personally would keep the scotty and the nike if you are making the decision as to which are the nicer "looking" and IMO better quality putters. HOWEVER I know personally when I am struggling with my putting I like a completely different look, so if you are the same I would recommend keeping the Scotty (I am bias) and one of the mallet putters. That way if you do start to struggle with one you have something that looks completely new and a "fresh" start. JAT.
  6. She can desperately use some time at the spa. That would also be a good time to spend a little more and get rid of that hideous cover you are covering it with currently!
  7. I agree with Junki...that JT outfit is ridiculous. I think people have to accept that golf fashion is a big part of the sport whether people care what they look like or not. Kind of snobbish in a way, but I like it in a girly way.
  8. Weren't you the one that doesn't wear a white belt because you didn't want to "bring extra attention to yourself"? Why would you think others are any different and care what you are wearing?
  9. My regret was buying the R7 460. I couldn't hit the ball out of my shadow with that club. Luckily I was able to sell it quickly and purchase a SQ with a Proto by U Shaft in it. The other regret I have is getting rid of that club.
  10. I think it's rather odd that you think that because you wear a white belt it's going to draw extra attention to you. The white belt has been around a couple of years now; I think we are past the point where someone wearing a white belt is riske. I think it's safe to say that it's been accepted across a wide range of age groups...so conform and wear one without the self conscious that you are going to draw attention to yourself. If you are worried about that then stay away from IJP's clothing line.
  11. Does anyone else have interest in watching this show. There's something in me that wants to check it out, but then there is another side that says, how interesting is it going to be to watch a homeless person try to make a carreer out of playing professional golf. I gather that's what the show is about from what I have seen in the commercials for it. Does anyone else have any other information about it? People WITH money have troubles getting on a tour, how is a homeless person supposed to do it?
  12. I personally have no interest in watching this show mainly because the first two shows were mediocre at best, and this one is not going to be any better.
  13. I have a Clicgear that I love. So to answer you question, I push most of the time. Before I got my cart bag I would carry 9 holes and use the cart for 18, now my back thanks me that I push no matter what.
  14. As you can tell from my signature, I like to match my clubs. I don't think I NEED to, but I have just found Callaway clubs that I like and work for me. I wouldn't have a problem switching if I found something out there that works better than what I have.
  15. Hey Brad, Welcome to the forum. Nice to see some other fellow Ontarians on here.
  16. It looks like you cleaned up a little since your last post...in the sun room anyways!
  17. I purcahsed a Kombi-S in the middle of last year from someone off the "Cameroncollector" forum. I would get it where ever you can get the best price on Camerons. What you are purchasing is what the call OTR or Off The Rack. I wouldn't be too concerned about those ones, however if you are looking at 009's or something, then you might want to stick with an authorized seller or someone that is trusted on the collector forum...JAT.
  18. Quote: Blanton is a long shot to stay on the roster and Happ was traded to get Oswalt last summer. You are absolutely correct about Happ...not sure what I was thinking there. Still with the 3 Aces that they have, I can't think of another team that has this type of rotation outside of the Braves when they had Smoltz, Glavine and Avery. Except they have four big starters...being a Mets fan, I am certainly not looking forward to it, but from a baseball side of things, it should be interesting.
  19. I am just curious why a white belt is any different from a black or brown belt? I assume that all the individuals who don't like the white belts wear earth tones every round mixing in a little black in every once in a while. Just curious what it is about a white belt that is so foolish?
  20. Will do Erik...made a note in my outlook calendar to follow up. Thanks!
  21. I am not sure I follow how trying to look like a pro hurts someones game. I understand trying to play the same equipment might hurt someones game, but the last time I checked wearing a certain type of shirt, short or belt did affect my ability. Unless there is some sort of research that I haven't seen...I just can't agree with you there. Just for the record, white belts exist in fashion outside of golf as well.
  22. I totally agree...the last couple of years have been depressing...
  23. LOL...unfortunately, I don't think they have come out with a technology that would let you flip the club over and have the bottom of the club as the top...I am sure it's only a matter of time. I am going to give this big dog a serious run for its money when it comes out. Like I said before I don't mind the colour.
  24. Well I would suggest speaking to Jim Furyk regarding the sleeping because he was able to sleep in and still with the Fedex Cup and for the eating part speak with Jessica Simpson...she just seems to be doing a lot of it lately.
  25. I would be seriously surprised if you get a response at all. Or if you do, they will lead you to believe that your "vote" actually counts for something like it does for the current "NEXT BIG TEACHER" search going on. If there was another GC I would switch right away even if it only showed re-runs of the Hank Haney show...oh wait...wouldn't that make it the same station?
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