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  1. In the "Course" section, is there going to be an area for Canadian courses? I would have brough this up in the "sandbox" portion however I didn't realize it would be broken out this way. I would think that there is enough of a showing here from Canadian users to make this worth it?
  2. They certainly do not improve your swing, only your physical mechanics can do that. However they can certainly affect the ball flight including distance and accuracy if you get the proper one that fits your specs. I would certainly never spend 1K on a shaft, but I have spent 200+ on a shaft that I now absolutely love and has helped me with my driving significantly. That's not to say that a cheaper shaft wouldn't do the same. I was at a fitting and this one happened to give me the best numbers.
  3. Go to Rocket Tour! They have some nice looking "skinny sticks" that will add some character to that bag of yours!
  4. I go to the store mainly to see if I like the way a club feels before I purchase it online. I have been finding my visits to the local Golf Town less and less exciting. I have gotten to a point this year where until the new releases come out, there isn't anything I haven't seen 1000 times before.
  5. Being a Mets fan, I have also conceded next season...how are we suppose to compete with a bullpen like that if we aren't gonna spend the cash?! This might be one of the best starting rotations in baseball history (Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels, Blanton, and Happ)....wow...should be a fun season to watch...if you're a phillies fan.
  6. At least they are filling the time between Analyze This and Point Break with Tin Cup!! They have only had that movie playing continuously for the last two months. I would think that now might be a good time to try and hook people on the new shows they keep advertising for. People generally don't have a lot of money to spend this time of year, so they might spend their night indoors...perhaps they will watch the new programming that they are going to launch in the new year. The GC just seems hit and miss a little lately. They seem to be updating some of the advertising they are
  7. YOU CAN'T WEAR A WHITE BELT IF YOUR WAIST IS BIGGER THAN 34".....REALLY?! Come on seriously?! I have a 36 waist and I wear a white belt and I normally get comments from the ladies on my attire which includes a white belt. I think a white belt can be pulled off as long as you are wearing the appropriate clothes to go with it. These are some of the rules that I follow when dressing: - Your belt and your shoes should match (no brainer). - Your hat / visor should either match your shirt or your belt/shoes. - You wear socks that match your shoes...this means no white socks with blac
  8. I shot my first 76 (which was my career low at the time) in my club championship. I did it because I stayed out of my own way. I find once people get into competitive golf they change the way they normally play. When playing golf I like to chat because it keeps my head out of the way between shots, so its important for me to try and do that when I am playing competitively. I find it helps significantly...but it isn't always easy to do.
  9. I use this unit and if I remember correctly, you get some credits free when you sign up. For that price it's a remarkable deal; more than likely refurbished, but I am sure they will still provide the same warranty.
  10. You could always check out the listing in Golf Digest and take your pick.
  11. It is a very solid shaft! I have it in both of my drivers and looking to put it in my three wood as well.
  12. I am not sure about the sale, but I would see if you can use it on the pre-owned store, because if you are not set (no pun intended) on the newest irons you can get older sets for significantly less. If you can find the set in a "like new" condition on their site you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I believe you can find last years models on there. This weekend they have a 15% off sale until the 20th so you would be able to get even more off. JAT.
  13. I personally can not drink on the course if I want to have any kind of decent score. Something about when it hits your lips, just throws my body into complete relaxation to the point where I don't really care about what I am doing and it usually turns into a complete Cluster #&^%. So I usually save all of my drinking of alcohol until the 19th hole. Not to mention in the extreme heat it is probably one of the worst things you could do your body while out walking around for 4+ hours lugging a 50lb bag.
  14. You are probably correct about the tip, which why they feel so different. Thanks!
  15. Since the airing of the Stockton show on the golf channel I have been contemplating getting the DVDs or adding them as a late x-mas gift idea. I don't mind the forward press idea, however I am not sure if I like the locked wrists and kind of push(?) move to roll the ball. Doesn't this eliminate the release of the putter head that everyone seems to talk about?
  16. I have the same set up for the same reason. I would much rather have a number of options in the scoring areas than off the tee or from further out. I had been contemplating removing my 60 only because I was only using it once or twice a round but since I have been taking lessons it has proved to be a little more valuable. I would think that shorter hitters might benefit from just going with a three wedge system because they may need that extra wood in the bag for longer shots. I would also take a look at the courses that you regularly play as well. Depending on the conditions or the lengt
  17. I already have two drivers, however I really like the feel of the D3...seriously considering picking this up in the spring. Gonna wait until I have the chance to get outside on a launch monitor and figure what shaft works best for this kids swing.
  18. I have both a cart bag (Callaway ORG 14) which I use when I am using my push cart and a sun mountain 3.5. Personally a cart bag is just as cumbersome to carry as a staff bag; the only difference is that the cart bag might fit better on a push / ride-on cart. I got a push cart because carrying was ruining my back through the round and then I got a cart bag because my carry bag didn't fit properly on my Clicgear. I think staff bags look nicer than most cart bags and are not pretentious at all. The guys that are worrying about what bag you are using should be the ones you play for money
  19. I wanted to put this question out there to see if anyone might have a definite answer. Is there a difference between a WB with the flowerband and one without? I know on the FAQ portion of the Mitsubishi website it has a blurb: The original prototypes for the Diamana Series had a flower band near the butt end of the shaft to represent a "Flower Lei" or "Hawaiian Crown of Royalty". When Blue Board was introduced to the global market the original Japan version kept the flower band while the U.S. version did not. Subsequent after-market versions of Diamana - Red Board and White Board,
  20. So let me get this straight...you would rather spend the extra money to buy a club that you are just going to hit the same as the one you got. Go have one lesson, find out what you are doing wrong. That $60 will be more valuable than any driver you are going to find, no matter how closed the face is. Play one less round on Saturdays the next few weeks and figure it out. Gonna be way better for you than replacing something that isn't broken. JAT.
  21. I use to play the X-18s a few years back when they first came out and they were a great club. I then played the x-tours a couple years after and I am currently playing the x-forged 2009. I remember trying to play the 2007's and thinking they were difficult to hit for my skill level at the time which was around 13. So my comment is that the X-18's are awesome and my opinion of the '07's is that they are difficult to hit. Take it for what it's worth...and it ain't much.
  22. Quinn07

    Wayne Player

    Man what a painful show to watch (12 nights of the academy). This guy is certainly his fathers son. If he says "man" one more time, I might book him for the day just to kick him in the face. Steve Sands is desperately trying to keep him on track...someone should buy that man a drink for having to put up with Wayne.
  23. I have one already...LOL...I am actually looking at picking up a couple of the recent Adams Pro Black or the Diable Edge Tour. There's something about the FT that I just can't get my head around. I think it's the way the face sits on the ground, just looks a little strange to me.
  24. I see animal head covers like tattoos....if you are going to worry about what people are going to think / say. Don't bother getting them; it obviously doesn't mean that much to you.
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