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  1. The OP was asking for peoples opinion...so what difference does it make if people post "See my signature" or post some other information addressing the OP. If anything I would say that threads like these are redundant, and provide no value what so ever. Has nothing to do with what people reply with as long as they are addressing the OP's question.
  2. This should explain how well my goals went this year!! I have found a teacher that I like and will be getting some lessons in the off season and will continue into next season.
  3. I have a nickent and a callaway FT hybrid in my bag, however I am looking at trying to pick up the Diable Edge Tour Hybrids. Tried them out a few weeks ago and they feel really nice, and I believe they fit all the criteria you listed. So when they are in my bag, I will re-post just to fit in I suppose.
  4. I knows shes huge in the UK, but a buddy pointed out Adele....she's pretty awesome. This might be the best song I have heard in a long time. Check her out!
  5. I personally don't think it looks all that bad. I would hit that....
  6. How do they select the winner? Do the players vote? or is it done by committee?
  7. Sorry, I was referring to the change in format, etc. I would assume that will change once the switch over has been completed.
  8. Watched today's round and Tiger is looking very solid. Hate to get a head of myself, but he's looking very much like the TW of old. I hope the tour enjoyed the season with no Tiger. If this is his new golf game I think they might be in a little bit of trouble.
  9. So let me get this straight...you started playing golf 1.5 years ago and you are already down to a 3?! WTF?! That's a pretty impressive feat, a little unbelievable, but impressive. I would say if you are a three, get some lessons from a pro and keep doing what you are doing.
  10. WOW!!! That's a beautiful looking bag. I think the SC is a great finishing touch. I just picked up X-forged irons, however those were my second pick.
  11. I agree, but what do YOU like to see....I believe that's what the OP is asking. For me, I like the horse race. I enjoyed the Tiger dominance, but I preferred the horse race from last year. I think it builds confidence for the entire tour and provides a better all around product.
  12. I would go with the orange and get yourself the nice orange and grey headcover with the matching Orange Baby T grip.
  13. What kind of things did you have to do for the audition? Was it just an interview type thing or did they ask you to perform some golf challenges as well?
  14. I finally got to see these bad boys and I must say I wasn't too fond of the D3 head shape; I liked that size of it just not the shape. I am sure I could get use to it, but I will still have to try these out at the range once the winter is over!
  15. I have a uPro and I like the device. It's just the standard uPro not the go, but I do know they are suppose to be coming out with new GPS units next year, and I have even heard that they are suppose to be touch screen and they are suppose to the priced pretty competitively. You may want to get a gift card and play the wait and see game. If you need one at Christmas, I would still recommend the uPro unit.
  16. I think only the elite amateur (low or plus handicap) will notice any significant difference. Plus the manufacturers are going to find a way to get the ball spinning again, it's only a matter of time before someone thinks of something.
  17. Quinn07

    Mini Tour Play

    Good luck Ben! Hopefully you have a stellar day and are able to pull it off.
  18. I agree up to the part with the sand, I think that is a little different situation as it's a hazard, but I get your point.
  19. Yes I would agree that I prefer that look over the TM versions.
  20. I don't think they look all that bad, but I must say I like the chrome colored weight over the black. It just looks better IMO.
  21. I think some people might be missing the point of their argument. They weren't saying that he wasn't allowed to touch the green with this hand. They thought he was testing the green by rubbing it with his hand (as per the rule previously mentioned). As Erik stated previously, the video they showed, he clearly didn't rub the green with his hand. However watching the video it does look like he's touching the green with his hand to try and feel something from the ground. The way he carried on about it certainly made him sound guilty as well.
  22. AGREED! G-Mac has had a great year as pointed out above. Kaymer had an arguably equal year, however I think G-MAC is the winner!
  23. I would argue that if he's second guessing himself whether he should be using one putter over the other after shots, it's not working very well. I believe strongly in the K.I.S.S. strategy, this certainly doesn't adhere to that. IMO it's stupid.
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