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  1. I think the correct spelling for that is "but-her face". Insinuating that she is hot "but her face" isn't.
  2. I actually use my hybrid around the green quite often, particularly in these shots or when the ball is nestled up against the rough (or sometimes even in the rough). I would use this play more than I would chip it. Much easier to judge and control - does require some practice to understand how hard you have to hit it.
  3. Right now, since I can not hit any balls outside or inside for that matter I am working on the following: Fitness - have started P90x and watching what I eat. Take away / Swing path - I have a tendency to move my hands away from my body and flip the club inside on my take away. Trying to take my hands more inside on the way back and keeping the head more square and outside my hands. This has really helped me setup to attack the ball from the inside and not go over the top. putting - Just rolling some balls in the basement.
  4. The conclusions are being drawn because of how he / and the show have presented his earlier life. They made two thing clear (or at least portrayed): 1 - He was successful (I highly doubt it if he's dropped off at a street corner and is automatically homeless) 2 - His ex-girlfriend was footing the bill for everything while he tried to make it on the tour. It's not like his story is severely tragic where he had a family, lost them and went into some depression and his life spiraled out of control. He was a "pro" golfer trying to make it. Found a chick with lots of money, she pr
  5. +1 - I went to the fitting center at their head office in Carlsbad and it was a really great experience. If you are interested in playing Callaway equipment, I certainly suggest going to the fitting center. ENJOY!
  6. I also don't like the fact that they are going to show Hank teaching his wife. Don't get me wrong, she's easy to watch, but I could care less about him trying to teach his wife to play better. I am going to watch this show as long as the shows don't follow the same lay out as the first one. More substance, less preview.
  7. Nope, what? I am not talking about the legs kicking out, I am talking about the mechanism at the bottom of the bag that is used to push the legs out. The reason why the Sun Mountain bags aren't that good for carts is because the mechanism sticks too far out at the bottom and won't allow you to put the bag in straight; so you are are forced to put it in sideways making access to some of the pockets difficult to get at.
  8. So I watched the first show, and there is a bit of interest in this show. However I think the whole idea of him getting ready for the Champions Tour qualifier would not be happening if it wasn't for the golf channel, as I am sure they have something to do with people giving in to his request to do things for his clubs, bucket of balls, etc. I will watch, probably not book my schedule around it. Most likely tape it and watch it when I have time.
  9. I think this might have been a typing error however I would certainly agree with them that a driver from ten years ago will not be better than today's driver. I would at least hope not anyways. I would also argue that the technology today is certainly better than the 10 year old driver that you are using. This holds most true for golf balls...the technology in today's golf is head and shoulders above golf balls from 10 years ago.
  10. Since we are talking about Stand Bags, I would have to disagree with that percentage. A lot of the time the true carry bags are designed for just that, carrying. Often the leg mechanism is the piece of the bag that makes it difficult to use on a cart. There are larger stand / carry bags that are designed for dual purposes, however those bags tend to be a little more on the heavy side and difficult to walk with. But I would certainly say that your percentage is definitely bloated.
  11. So the guys on TV have to pay a more strict penalty for not realizing they have broken a rule? Isn't the penalty strokes enough? Isn't that the reason for having the penalty strokes in the first place? Similar to paying more for not filing your taxes? I don't think you analogy truly works, I would think that going to jail for not paying your taxes (in some cases people do) would be more suitable, but not on the level you are referencing. I don't think players consider being DQ'd as a reason not to follow the rules. I believe the players follow the rules because it's been a integral pa
  12. Unfotunately grips are a very personal peice of equipement. What one person likes because it's soft and tacky can be very different from another persons favorite. What type of weather you play in can be a deciding factor as well. I personally play the lamkin 3Gens because I don't play with a glove and I need something tacky because of the humidity up here in the summer.
  13. First and foremost I agree with people being able to call in regarding the rules...however I did vote no. I voted no because I hate the idea of the players being able to sign the scorecard and then return the next day only to find out that they have been disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. Why can't they assess him with the appropriate penalty as it was discovered after he signed his scorecard? He's still being penalized, but not being kicked out of the tournament. I understand that the players themselves are the referees and they need to call themselves on the penalties, howe
  14. He is notorious for getting off to slow starts in the season. I think with the exception of Tiger and some of the other big players, the players that you remember having great years or have a lot of wins, start the season off on a good foot and play well at the beginning of the year. They too however tend to tire at the end of the year and fizzle out a little (stricker being a good case from last year or the year before from what I can remember). The other guys tend to focus more on the majors and don't play as much and therefore seem to stick out later in the year for the bigger tournament
  15. Great question! I am heading down there in March and I am looking to play there as well. Gonna catch a Mets game and play some golf...looking forward to some feedback.
  16. I personally like the Sun Mountain 3.5 and four5. I think they are both solid bags and offer their own advantages. Neither are really that good on a cart, but then again they are carry bags, so what are they doing on a cart anyways?!
  17. Has anyone purchased from this website yet? Just curious what your experience was like.
  18. Sorry maybe I wasn't as clear with my OP. I am curious to know what would cause you to overlook imperfections at certain clubs. There is one course around here where the fairway conditions aren't always great and the course layout isn't the greatest, but for whatever reason their greens are always perfect. So I overlook the other things because of the conditions of the greens.
  19. Quinn07

    Now a fan

    I agree with this. They seem to show their personality more, however there are a number of US players starting to do the same thing. I think this can only be good for the game and the two tours. I think I will have to also jump on the band wagon and say that I am becoming a huge Dustin Johnson fan.
  20. You are still missing the point. Whether an iron is cast or forged it has nothing to do with how difficult it is to hit. It's how they manufacture the club. If you want to talk about difficulty hitting an iron then you should be talking about Muscle back, and cavity back. Not cast and forged.
  21. Just curious to see what people value the most when playing a golf course. Is it good greens, good fairways, tee boxes, facilities (Driving range and putting green), club house, layout, etc. For the most important thing on a golf course is the greens. I would rather hit off hardpan and divots all day as long as the greens are rolling perfect.
  22. I can't remember the last time I have been so excited to try out a new driver. I normally wait a year to pick up a new driver, as the costs drop so drastically at the end of the year, however I might be getting this one at the beginning of the year. I have a buddy that should be able to get me a deal, so it won't be soooo bad.
  23. I am currently 11/10. I have played a few times on an indoor simulator, however it's just not cutting it. Once the PGA starts up, I start to really get the itch to play. Looking to go to florida in march, but I don't know if I can wait that long. I may have to take a weekend and head down south somewhere. Being in Eastern Canada, it's pretty cold and snowy here until April / May...so still have a little while yet.
  24. You can already do that with removing / replacing shafts. Just takes more than a wrench and a high school diploma to be able to do it right. I am a firm believer that any golfer that is serious about their game should go and get custom fit for irons. I don't think we will ever see adjustable irons. I think the drivers work because people like to see technology in their driver and adjustable drivers provide a false sense of technology.
  25. Is this english?! Dude, grammar goes a long way in posts. I am by no way perfect in my grammar, but I would like to think people can read my posts and understand what I am trying to say. Most of this post doesn't even make sense. Do us all a favor and proof read your posts before hitting submit.
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