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  1. I am working on letting my right elbow release from my body on the way back and getting my left arm more over my right shoulder on the back swing.  On the way through I need to clear my body more and try to get swinging more left.  I have been workin' hard this winter to implement these changes and I feel good about the swing.  The test will be in Florida in a couple of weeks when I get away from this -40 (literally) weather and play some golf.

  2. Originally Posted by Bullitt5339

    I watched Feherty with Butch Harmon, and it was a good show.  I like the work that both of them are doing with disabled Soldiers, and it kind of shows how much both of them actually care.  I also never really realized the huge legacy of the Harmon family on golf.

    I would agree.  I enjoyed the show and the Harmon legacy was very interesting.  I didn't realize that Claude Harmon was a master champ.  I am always intrigued at how embarrassed, ashamed, whatever it is Feherty looks when his alcoholism is brought up in interviews.  When Harmon brought up that his brother spoke to Feherty when he was having issues, you could see Davids energy change. I really like his show, could do without some of his cameos, and I find his interviews genuine and often provide information that I wasn't aware of.

  3. I really like Luke Donald, he has been one of my favorite players for a while and it's nice to see him finally winning.  However I picked Tiger, for the reason that he looked really good at the Chevron and he has had some more time to tinker with his game.  I think / hope that the PGA Tour is in for a bit of an awakening in 2012.  I predict Tiger get's one major if not two this coming year and at least two other wins and is vaulted back to the top and if not really close.

  4. Originally Posted by johnthejoiner

    The face on video of Tyler is brilliant, its hard to believe its the same guy. When dramatically improving his hip turn to eliminate the massive hip stall, did you find that it automatically got rid of his casting and flipping

    I completely agree...he has a great swing.  How long did it take to get where he's at now (I know you had mentioned that you met him in the summer)?  Kids of that age seem to pick up new things so quickly - just curious how long before you started to see major improvement.  I love seeing videos of students that make huge improvements.  I am a BIG proponent of working on what you learn from the pro...if you don't as you are clearly just wasting your time (and theirs for that matter) if you aren't.  There are way too many people that think that they can take a new swing and implement it immediately and get scared as soon as things don't go as planned.  Thanks for the vids Brian - keep them coming.

    I am not a teacher so I can only assume this is what you guys live for - seeing students make ridiculous changes and improvements.  I see a golf pro (usually only the winter to work on stuff for the summer) and I recently went back to his winter school here and had a lesson.  I have made some good changes since the last time we had met and you could tell that he was impressed and honestly so was I.  It's great when things you are working on start to take form and you see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Can't wait for the next one.

  5. Originally Posted by Tiger90

    I agree that she could be the greatest ever if you are referring to her respective, LPGA, sport.  I think Tiger could beat her though....but

    But in terms of respective leagues, defiently could happen, those numbers are incredible.  Wouldnt suprise me one bit.

    But in the end of the day......Who really cares about the LPGA                  (please dont get affended by this) more of a joke than anything...but still true lol

    As you know in golf, just because you beat someone on any given day, week, whatever, doesn't necessarily mean you are a better player.  In golf someones success is heavily weighted on the number of majors they have won.  I think Yani will have more majors than any other pro golfer (female or male) when her career is done.

  6. Originally Posted by MSchott

    The greatest ever, male or female? I don't see this happening but if it does I'm sure she will get the recognition she deserves.

    How could you not see this happening?  She won 11 times this year and at 22 she already has 5 majors.  What about this doesn't make you think she that she won't be the greatest ever?  I don't think she will get any recognition until she retires.

  7. It would be money well spent if you like the irons.  If you don't want to spend the extra cash, then you may be forced to get a new set or different irons as it looks like Callaway is coming out with a new line of irons for 2012 and may charge you to do the changes at their site anyways...they usually won't charge for new sets as they can make them to order.

    Either way if you want them fitted it looks like you might be paying extra.

  8. Originally Posted by sacm3bill

    That was Kevin Na - it was not a practice swing but he pulled out of the downswing on purpose because it didn't feel right. He's known for that, and was not assessed a stroke.

    Yeah one of the weirdest things I have ever seen watching golf.  You are totally in your own head if you are trying to feel whether the top of your back swing is in the right position during tournament play.  I was rather surprised he was able to finally squeak out a win after seeing that swing.

  9. Thanks Michael,

    Great explanation - I am not a huge follower or even fully understand the snt method (as I haven't done a lot of research on it), but I do agree and like the center pivot idea that you have explained here.  I used to try and get my weight over my back foot and transfer it forward and it was not very successful.  Since I have started trying to keep my weight centered, I have had a lot more success particularly with my contact with the ball.

    Thanks again.

  10. Age: 31

    Height: 6'0"

    Where are you from: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    How Long have you been Playing: at least 15 years

    Best Score: In relation to par: 76   Lowest Round: 75

    Favorite club in the bag: My Scotty Cameron Putter

    Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Dave Pelz short game bible, Stan Utley Short game book

    Where do you play: Eagle Creek Golf Course

    Best courses you've played so far: Pete Dye Course at PGA Village, Rocky Crest Golf and Country Club, Crowe Bush Cove

    Things you enjoy most about golf: Socializing with the group that you are playing with and the constant battle with the trying to Master the game.

    Goals for 2012: Get out and play - I have a 3 month old, so this may be tough!

  11. Originally Posted by Shorty

    Unbelievable. Pseudo science nonsense. But then again, I still see pros wearing those ridiculus Powerband and TrionZ things.

    And....people buy bottled water, so I guess separating fools from their money is a pretty easy thing to do. Just a shame that some golf pros take the money. Who can blame them I guess.

    So much for their integrity and "due diligence".

    I will honestly say if someone wanted to pay me money to put something on my bag or use it, I would probably do it.  I hope Tiger plays like he did on Sunday of the President's Cup.  Should be interesting to see how he fairs with having to the hit the driver a little more.

  12. I think this is going to be the norm for years to come.  I think we will see more of the flash in the pan type guys in Q school more and more.  Jason Gore really only had two (maybe even just one) great years and he has been struggling since being riddled with injury.  Makes it exciting to watch but it also makes me feel for some of those iconic pros that are back year after year now, like Jansen.  There just isn't the room on the tour anymore with all the good young up and coming talent.

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