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  1. Tiger Woods: -9 Brandt Snedeker: -6 Matt Kuchar: -5
  2. During a junior clinic I hit a kid with a golf ball, full swing with a 6 iron. I felt like the worst person in the world. It wasn't my fault and if you ask me the kid had it coming. He was always causing trouble. Luckily the parents weren't upset about it and everything was ok. It's kinda funny to think about now though ...
  3. Quote: Who says traditional looking golf shoes are uncomfortable? I think they're quite comfortable and better in wet conditions. These guys are not running on the golf course and they are not jumping (except for Sergio maybe...). Why does it make any sense to wear athletic type shoes playing golf when a player has to wear slacks and a polo? traditional oxford looking shoes look way better.
  4. Quote: I have no problem with Ian Poulter and the way he dresses. Most of the time he is wearing oxford style shoes that are coordinated with his outfit. He makes it work. He actually takes time to make his outfit look good. Now.... Tiger and Freddy's shoes don't look like they fit. Tiger and Freddy always dress up nice but these shoes don't match the outfit. Would you wear tennis shoes with a suit? I don't think so. If you're wearing nice slacks and a polo, the skateboarding shoes don't go along. If you're going to wear those shoes why don't you wear some cargo khakis an
  5. Not Ricky.... Ryan Moore
  6. Hahahaha I agree. Even with the injuries they can do better than that.... What about Ricky..?? He has no excuse that I am aware of?
  7. What is the deal with the PGA tour players these days? It seems like there is no class anymore. Tiger is wearing crossing training shoes and Freddy is playing in skateboarding shoes... Now I understand the crazy tour pros like John Daly and Rickie Fowler who are just after the publicity and airtime... But for a top notch tour pro like Tiger to dress up nice from head to ankle and then show up in shoes a track star would approve of? I think the PGA needs to address their apparel guidelines on tour.
  8. Stretch, You're still swinging that club way too inside on the backswing. You need to get to a better position at the top have a decent chance of making a good swing at the ball. Here is a drill that will help you get to a better position: 1) Stand with your back to a wall, about 2 feet away. 2) Take the club back slowly at first so you do not hit the wall. 3) Repeat the process until you look like the picture at the top of the swing. Give it a try and let me know how it works. ~Scott, Teaching Pro
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