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  1. From Irons to Hybrids, How and Why?

    more likely. I would say my 3 wood goes any where from 240-260 depending on how hard I wanna swing but my 3i is my "210" club but I don't usually make it there so its more realistically a 205 club or so. I would be shocked if you were getting your 4i 210 and your 3 wood only 230.
  2. Too Many Irons...

    opinions on what?
  3. The cruiser is actually one of the toughest executives I have played. I would say about 7 easy holes but they have one par 3 that's like 230 dogleg with water on the right. Its ridiculious. But I think Destroyer just sounds more intimidating and can destroy you. Cruiser is fairly easy besides 3 and 4.
  4. I play here almost every weekend. Its about 2 blocks from my house. Really a good challenge. Pretty well kept. Very fair rates. There is a lot of wind because you are right next to a runway. So some holes can play pretty difficult. Seems like wind is always in your face. Water plays on most of the holes. A decent amount of trees. Any more questions you can message me.
  5. I don't like that at all. Putter is gonna be hitting something and probably your driver too. As a rule of thumb I putt my longest clubs higher because if you did shorter clubs on top they would smack the shafts of the longer irons.
  6. Is this a good starter set of clubs?

    I know that guy. He sells a lot of clubs. Hes usually pretty fairly priced.
  7. aren't most beginner clubs a bit offset? I found that with some big cbs I was hitting too much draw. I lost confidence. Picked up some 755s (a nice forged cavity back with some forgiveness) I like them a lot. thinking im about ready to move onto some nike combos. Not because I don't like the 755s but because Im impatient, bad with money, and I want what I want damnit.
  8. I still don't see it haha. Also not quite sure what my handicap is now adays. Im better than I was last time but haven't been keeping an HC
  9. My journey to breaking 80.

    If breaking 80 is your only goal then I would stick to one course but if you can shoot 82 at every course you will be a better golfer than shooting a 79 at a course you know in and out. I tend to lose focus or something too. the other day (at the toughest course I play) I should 3 over on the tougher front and then 10 over on the back. It all started with a double on the easiest hole on the course. mental error. PLAY SMART!!!!
  10. I am a possible. Its a little ways out and not sure what my schedule looks like but Ill try and keep you guys updated.