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  1. I agree with this. If the course is nice I don't care but the courses with ugly parking lots tend to have junky courses. I have also played courses where they were really nice out front and nothing special about the course.
  2. more likely. I would say my 3 wood goes any where from 240-260 depending on how hard I wanna swing but my 3i is my "210" club but I don't usually make it there so its more realistically a 205 club or so. I would be shocked if you were getting your 4i 210 and your 3 wood only 230.
  3. My theory has always been a little different from other peoples. You will almost definitely see some improvement and it probably wont get worse. Its not about what ball youre good enough to play. Its what ball you can afford to lose.
  4. The cruiser is actually one of the toughest executives I have played. I would say about 7 easy holes but they have one par 3 that's like 230 dogleg with water on the right. Its ridiculious. But I think Destroyer just sounds more intimidating and can destroy you. Cruiser is fairly easy besides 3 and 4.
  5. I play here almost every weekend. Its about 2 blocks from my house. Really a good challenge. Pretty well kept. Very fair rates. There is a lot of wind because you are right next to a runway. So some holes can play pretty difficult. Seems like wind is always in your face. Water plays on most of the holes. A decent amount of trees. Any more questions you can message me.
  6. I don't like that at all. Putter is gonna be hitting something and probably your driver too. As a rule of thumb I putt my longest clubs higher because if you did shorter clubs on top they would smack the shafts of the longer irons.
  7. I know that guy. He sells a lot of clubs. Hes usually pretty fairly priced.
  8. best moment would probably have to be my eagle. It was fairly weak but like a 240 yard par 4 and I hit an easy 3 wood to like 3 feet. Only eagle still. I cant recall every shot Ive probably ever taken but not a lot that I just think about randomly.
  9. enjoy it. It probably wont last long. I HATE GOLF!!!
  10. aren't most beginner clubs a bit offset? I found that with some big cbs I was hitting too much draw. I lost confidence. Picked up some 755s (a nice forged cavity back with some forgiveness) I like them a lot. thinking im about ready to move onto some nike combos. Not because I don't like the 755s but because Im impatient, bad with money, and I want what I want damnit.
  11. I still don't see it haha. Also not quite sure what my handicap is now adays. Im better than I was last time but haven't been keeping an HC
  12. If breaking 80 is your only goal then I would stick to one course but if you can shoot 82 at every course you will be a better golfer than shooting a 79 at a course you know in and out. I tend to lose focus or something too. the other day (at the toughest course I play) I should 3 over on the tougher front and then 10 over on the back. It all started with a double on the easiest hole on the course. mental error. PLAY SMART!!!!
  13. I am a possible. Its a little ways out and not sure what my schedule looks like but Ill try and keep you guys updated.
  14. my buddy once tried to accuse me of that. I cussed him out and then called him out on his lie he did earlier that I chose to ignore. I never lie and for one of my buddies to accuse me really pissed me off.
  15. At that range it really isn't a scoring club anyways. Choke down, bite the bullet and hope to get "close enough". If your that distance out you're probably trying to reach a par 5 in 2.
  16. side note: First golf tournament I ever watched. Great playoff that had me hooked. Tiger killed it.
  17. Riverview, ughh.. Real inexpensive course but just ehhh. has some fun holes and good greens but more often than not I try and stay away.
  18. AHHHH it would be the 7th. My Gf's nephew is being baptized that day. Its a must attend for me. Sorry guys and Ill hope for better luck with the next outing. Lets keep doing these. I had a blast at the first one and hope to attend more.
  19. hey guys sorry I havent responded or been active in a while. With the weather I have only been golfing weekends. Hopefully soon here I can start golfing after work again and find my game again. I have alot going on for the rest of march and i know I have one weekend booked in april. I will check out my schedule and see if I can make it. I may also bring a friend. When are you guys closing the list?
  20. Jimdangles

    Pet Peeves

    Ya if I do ask because its a new course or something I will ask what did you play that as? or when I reply I said I hit my 145 club, pured it and still was short. The number on the club doesnt matter. especially when alot of lofts are different brand to brand.
  21. I would say you could get away with any long beach courses for under 100. Most are like 70 tops. If you want to step it up a little I dont know you'd have to ask somebody else. I can barely stand to pay that much. But for long beach I really like skylinks or el dorado. If you wanna travel into OC more Mile square is just down the freeway and a nice course. still around 65.
  22. stick with what works for you. I cant keep my ball from going to up so my 910 is turned down to 8.75
  23. joined up. Never done fantasy golf before so we'll see how the season plays out. Beginners luck?
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