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  1. Tiger Woods -14 Brandt Snedeker-13 Steve Stricker -11
  2. I think the Limited Edition face is 2* open along with what you mentioned-- the slightly smaller head size.
  3. Callaway pre-owned is legit. I've ordered several clubs & their conditions have always been better than I expected. I know it's tough to buy "sight-unseen" but I'll certainly do it through them.
  4. Speaking of tension I've really focused on softening the amount of pressure I use in my hands to hold the club. In the past I would squeeze the daylights out of the grip...so much that my forearms were sore after a range session! The "YOU GO SMASH NOW!" swing leads to all arms & wild inconsistency
  5. Tiger Woods -3 Jim Furyk -1 Jason Dufner -1
  6. If I were you I would begin & end each day with a firm stare in the mirror. As you stand in front of your reflection repeat the following words: I. AM. AWESOME.
  7. I was toying with putters at a Golfsmith & Golf Galaxy this past weekend. The one I kept going back to was the Odyssey Metal X 7. I have a feeling it will be in my bag in the next 2-3 weeks...it's been a painfully slow process. This is the first insert putter I've actually liked. While at Golfsmith I also toyed with a Scotty Cameron California Fastback 35"...holy cow. The first ball I struck felt like nothing else. Of course it's $350...but so tempting.
  8. I've never given unsolicited advice as I, too, am usually the one who should be seeking advice. But, I have on rare occasions given positive comments to people when I see certain things. The last time was a guy who appeared to be a weekend amateur (so much like me) and he was hitting the most elegant draws with his irons. I just had to tell him I thought his flight path was inspiring. Turned out we chatted for my last 10-15 minutes at this range & good thing we did. I walked away with a few good points to focus on. I think he enjoyed having someone tell him he was doing something good!
  9. tat & toothbrush..tat gets a 9; toothbrush a 3...call it a 6 overall
  10. A co-worker of mine has purchased a couple of clubs from 3balls.com. He was really satisfied. I usually visit their site once a week just to poke around.
  11. Who is willing to film a Srixon in the microwave for 30 seconds for the good of the group?
  12. That place is a dump! Nope...I was out at Queenstown on the River course
  13. Not that I've played Quail Hollow but seeing Phil card a 7 on a par 4 makes me feel better about my round last weekend
  14. I have the TM Burner 2.0 irons & can say I paid the $699 (or whatever) last year...to see them at $399 is a bargain. I guess the RBZ irons are TM's solution to last year's 2.0's? Anyways, I really like the 2.0's and don't plan to take them out of the bag for a number of years. I'll second PhillyMac's opinion of the TM Superfast hybrids...those sticks are idiot proof & scream off the face. Save some coin on the 2.0 irons & pick up a hybrid with the spare change.
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