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  1. This is pretty much where I stand. I too feel I balance his heavy-tech books with Fearless Golf and Zen Golf .
  2. His data was ground-breaking for "The Short Game Bible," and that book helped everybody. I think he "jumped the shark" writing a book about putting. He had a lot to get out to the public for SGB, but the putting book is not great. His strong opinion about "straight back" over "screen door" seems manufactured and lame. Tiger putts "screen door"-nuff said.
  3. Thanks. I'm looking at buying mizuno mp-59s but I like the old mp-32s a bit more. Looks like I'll settle on 59s due to cost issues. Hey, if they're good enough for Luke Donald... Golf galaxy looks like a good place for me. Thanks again
  4. Zen golf is a great introduction to Zen philosophy, especially for the golfer. Good mental game book. Zen Golf and Fearless Golf by Gio Valiente (works with Villegas and others) are a must for serious golfers in my opinion. Rotella seems like a hack to me. His books seem amateurish. My Humble, Jason
  5. Can you get fitted and purchase past year's clubs, or can you only get fitted for the current year? Thanks for the replies. -Jay
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