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  1. I went to the local golf store to check out the Ping G30 Ls driver after I saw a review by Rick Shiels. I tested the stock shaft that was stiff. Is a blue shaft that I don't know the name of. I really didn't hit it well at all. I switched to the upgraded shaft. The stiff 65 gram ping shaft. It transformed how I hit a drive. I did hit a majority high right but even those shots were 260 carry. This really impressed me because the spin didn't balloon up like other drivers. I don't know if it was the shaft or the club but I have never had hit the ball so long. My 3 best shots carried 280 yards and rolled out to 317. If you get the opportunity to hit this club I would highly recommend it.
  2. Sacman

    New Vokey Wedges

    Lastpick I am more of a neutral swinger with my wedges. My divots are fairly shallow but I do take good divots long divots as well. Not every shot is the same though. Obviously I hit some shots fat and some shots thin. It all depends on how I'm swinging that day.
  3. Sacman

    New Vokey Wedges

    I have played with vockey wedges since is started playing golf. I really have my heart set on upgrading the volleys I already have. Thank you.
  4. I have decided this year to get some new vokey wedges. I know the lofts that I want but the new vokey wedges come in different grinds and bounces. I have the general knowledge and experience with different bounces. What I'm struggling with is the grinds. I have already purchased the 50.08 f grind. I knew that club was going to be used more for hitting full shots. Now the 54 and 58 degree wedges have a lot more grinds and bounces. When I got to golf galaxy the people that work there don't seem to want to help or take the time to help me get fitted for the club I am going to buy. Can anyone explain what the grinds will do for me and how they relate to the different bounces? I know what the titleist website says but thats doesn't really explain in depth what the grinds do. Thank you for any help.
  5. Sacman

    What Are You Working On?

    I have been working on not swaying for about a month now. Its been a struggle. I have found that if I'm not thinking about it then I hit a lot better shots. I had lost some distance with my driver. I moved the ball up more in my stance and I am hitting the ball much more out of the center of the club. Which in turn raised my ball speed up from 145 to 160 consistently. I will take that.
  6. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    I felt amazing today at the course by the house. I hit my 60 degree wedge, 9 iron, and 7 iron. I really focused on keeping my weight forward to keep me from swaying. I would take a slow practice swing really focusing on my right knee not moving. Then hit my shot. I hope the video I shoot tomorrow shows what I'm feeling. Go away sway.
  7. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    I didn't want to hijack the brices thread about his swing. I read over the thread about being a stupid monkey. Just so that I understand correctly. What you were getting at by saying "thats not being a stupid monkey" is I need to focus on the highest priority problem?
  8. Sacman

    My Swing (brice)

    I am finding a lot of similarities between our swings. You do a great job with your knee action. I'm pretty envious. I saw a couple things that you do with your right knee that I'm going to try myself.
  9. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    Thats exactly what I'm trying.I like to use an alignment stick or my golf bag. I felt like I wasn't swaying as much yesterday. I'm gonna need to video my swing today and see if i can replicate the swing without thinking about it.
  10. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    Oh yeah of course. Finding it tough to get a good feeling for not swaying right now. I feel like I'm straightening my right leg to much and leaning more on my left side than I should. Gonna need to be find a better balance between my old swing and the fix. I'm gonna get out of the house today and hit balls for a bit. Hopefully it clicks.
  11. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    My next question would be about getting my hands more forward. Obviously when I do this the club face is open. I rotate the club face back to square. I have a feeling that this is closing it more than it should be. Could you post a pic of how the club head should look at address in regards to the ball?
  12. Sacman

    When are you Over Coached

    I agree. I try to get in about a half hour of swings after work everyday. I am lucky that I like next to a golf course that has a large area where people hit balls. I stick to hitting 5 irons and down. So I'm not paying for range balls everyday. When I started doing this I improved my accuracy so much this year. Prior to my boy being born and waiting for him to be born I was shooting in the 70's on a regular basis. I would love to see coaching on the course more. Strategizing is so important. I don't think the normal joe schmo spends enough time on this.
  13. I know that with my personal swing I hit my drives consistently 240 yards. There are some days depending on contact, firmness of the fairway, and wind I will get some extra yardage. I always know that I can count on hitting the ball at least 240. I also find that I hit the ball farther off the tee on my first few holes. I'm not as warmed up and my swing is shorter.
  14. Sacman

    When are you Over Coached

    I think this is the best example of what I was trying to get across with this thread. So of the things that we all learn about the golf swing. Some things may not be what fits for our personal swings. Everyones is different.
  15. Sacman

    My Swing (Sacman)

    My baby boy was born on saturday so I haven't been able to practice till today. I tried getting my hips forward on the back swing and keeping my hands forward. I hit about 15 balls at about half speed. I was making good contact but found that I hit some awful slices with my 8 iron. I found that hitting the ball at full speed was a bit better. I pulled my best struck balls. My divots are going left so I have to work on staying square.

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