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  1. I gotta go with a full 58* club. Perfect full shot ydg for that club in my arsenal.
  2. Neither of those choices, U should try Wilson FG Tour, simply awesome
  3. What are people gonna yell out now," Elephant Turd", "Projectile Vomit", or "Fairway Finder" . Jeez it,s really annoying!
  4. I checked other and I will explain. I played for the last 2 yrs, Titleist Prov-1 and Taylormade Penta,s. This year I did the same until I got a sleeve of Wilson FG Tours! Holy Crap! What a ball. Long, durability is better than my previous two and it outdrives both. Ohyeah, and it spins just like them so it stops pretty good. I would give these a try. Good luck
  5. Well his next tee ball just rolled back at him 30yds. or more that my friends sux!
  6. Let him use it the guy has suffered enough. he was embarrassed off the tour and now coaches golf. I say good for him, Not his fault he was born like that
  7. Tiger Woods -2 Luke Donald -1 Matt Kuchar +1
  8. I think any par 4 over 500 yds. is effing ridiculous. Yes we like the pros to be challenged but do that with penal rough,fairways that, if u hit it too far u run out of fairway and slick greens. To think that the opening 6 holes will prolly not be played to par is an autrocity. Thats not enjoyable, thats a punishment. Sometimes the USGA goes too far!
  9. God im afraid to post,27
  10. I just switched from vokeys to jaws wedges cause my vokeys were worn and I got 3 jaws wedges for 125.00 from 3balls.com I like the feel of these and the weight of them as well.The leading edge for me was not a deal breaker,as I hit both clubs very well.I went from 52,56 and60 in my vokeys to 50,54 and 58 in the cally,s.I was looking for a lil more yardage to cover my yardage gaps.These things spin just as good as vokey,s if not more.Especially with the mack daddy grooves.WOW!
  11. Ijust finished completing my wedge purchases for the year today.Got em all from 3balls and lemme tell u,nice condition for used clubs.They were rated as good and in my opinion they are very good to almost new.I dont know if any of u have purchased from there before for ur used items but I would strongly consider it.All I did was swap the grip for a midsized one and off we go.Try the site guys and gals u won,t be disappointed.
  12. I normally don,t mind being paired up w/ strangers ,but this old man kinda pissed me off today.I was in back of him off of the tee box,about 3yds. away when he says " Marc could u move to my left so I dont see u in my backswing".So I say sure.We tee off and when we arrivve at our 2nd shots he,s away so as he hits his buddy is right behind him.I say to myself "I,ll be a s.o.b. he tells me to move and his buddy is 2 ft. away.Am I being irrational or wtf?
  13. Great Paint job would go nice with my orange and black bag.
  14. Well I have the RBZ 3 wood and this club is a frikin bomber.I,ve never hit a 3wood 275yds.Never,there must be sumthin to that speed slot because im not chasin after it too much either.I replaced the stock shaft w/an AXE tour fairway and i,ll tell ya .Effin wow
  15. You r prolly sliding a little towards the ball on ur downswing making the club to ball distance shorter and hitting it wit ur hosel.Try putting ur feet together and making 9 to3 swings with ur wedges then gradually spread ur feet apart concentrating on getting to ur left side
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