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  1. I agree 100% i think the thing that is so hard to measure is the ability to handle pressure. I don't buy the notion that Mickelson would have won 10 majors had he played in Jack's era, although he'd probably have a bunch more regular tour wins. There are a lot tour pros today that have enough faith in their games to win a tour event but there are fewer pros that have enough confidence to say, close out a major after leading the first 63 holes. One of my biggest frustrations as a diahard golf fan is the amount times Ive watched these great players fail to play their best when it matters mos
  2. I had not read that about Nicklaus. So, I did some research about his character off the course. I found out that while he never officially apologized for that quote, he clarified it by saying black kids tended to grow up in environments geared to sports that required more athleticism than typically attributed to golf. He went on to add that golf would benefit greatly from more ethnic and socioeconomic diversity. He said all this before Tiger won his first Masters. More important than his words are his actions. I learned that Nicklaus has always insisted on nondiscriminatory selection policies
  3. One thing we can all agree on is that Jack Nicklaus is a 100% class act. Therefore, it'd be hard to picture him saying today's players aren't fit to hold his jock strap. Maybe he was just being gracious.
  4. 1. Dustin Johnson -12 2. Charl Schwartzel -10 3. Mattao Montassaro -9
  5. I've no doubt somewhere in the AOL archives youcan find a bulletin Board posting where Tiger fans were already talking about how Tiger only needs 16 majors to tie Jack's record unless Jack's fans figure out a way to stop counting US Ams. Seriously though, it's pretty obvious that today's players don't place winning the US Am on the same level with the four majors and haven't since Tiger and Phil left collage. I don't know the actual data but it seems like the best players are not waiting as long to turn pro as they used to. [quote name="turtleback" url="/t/58954/will-tiger-break-jacks-major
  6. was there an official deadline for entering the contest posted before the thread was suspended? If not, it would be great if that could be communicated. The contest closed an hour before I got a chance to enter, but a good while before the tournament started. Thanks
  7. And yet here's another example of a guy backing into a major because player after player got his pipes burst by the pressure. You say there are five times as many champion golfers in today's game (players that can execute on the back 9 on Sunday). I see a whole lot of guys that play great until they have to). Three years ago Tom Watson outplayed all but one of these modern day "athletes" at 60 years old.
  8. I never said Tiger isn't a great golfer. Tiger is the greatest golfer of this era. I said he isn't the greateat of all time. I believe sportsmanship, i.e character, is an important factor to consider. BTW sorry my agenda smells So bad. Guess it needs changing.
  9. Which major is it you figure wouldn't give Tiger Woods a special exemption in the event he fails to qualify on performance or by being a former winner? The point is that Four majors would be a hell of a career for any pro but a good deal of why it's so hard to win multiple majors is the idea that qualifying for them becomes more difficult as a player gets older. We saw it with Ernie Els at Augusta and DL3 had to go to sectional qualifying this year. Tiger will not have to deal with this issue.
  10. When you consider the fact that Tiger can playin all four majors without ever again having to qualify, you'd have to think sooner or later he'll beat Jack's record. Even if he does , it doesn't make him the greatest of all time. For that to happen Tiger would have to get back to where he was in the early 2000s. Or, Mickleson is going to need to win five more majors. You can say today's tour players are better than the players of Jack's era, but you can't make any real case Tiger had the kind of rivals Jack did during his career. I love Phil M as much as anybody but even he is mot going
  11. This is a good idea. I've been using two rubber bands and an alignment rod to hoist my Iphone for a couple of years now. It'd be better to have a more stable holster. My question is why does it have to cost 20 bucks. Also, your $8 aliginment rods seem steep. I guess when you consider the $124 Plane Finder and the $100 Bender Stick, there most be a market out there that will buy at that price point. Kudos for resisting the urge to pay Nick Faldo 10 bucks a unit to put his name on the box. Although, the same people willing to pay $20 a unit would probably pay $30, especially if they know it's
  12. Ben Crane -- (-12) Fran Molinare - (-10) Paul Goyos - (-10)
  13. 1.Dustin Johnson -14 2.Sean O'hair -12 3.Pad harrington-12
  14. I saw the other day that the average PGA Tour Pro was scrach at 13-15 yr old. In this day and age +2 may put you in the running for a collage scholarshilp. That'd give you a few years to develop some heart on the golf course. Because it's all about heart. Lots of people can make birdies, but not a lot of people can make a birdie putt to halve the hole. Fewer still can do it In front of strangers. A fraction of these can do it for the morgage week after week after week. Then, these, the chosen, have to go to the practice tee every day with the knowledge there are a thousand or so upstart champi
  15. now days it cost an armand a leg for a large bucket of balls. So going to the range just to pound your club into the dirt seems a silly. Not saying there aren't people out there chopping up balls, but they are by no means the majority. Most hit balls with some sort of serious intent. If there is someone who made it to single digits without ever going to a practice range I'd love to hear about it.
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