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  1. Guys, I have a buddy that has a GC Quad and I have a Skytrak and we talked about wanting to demo a few shafts to see what type of numbers we would get. First off, I know it would be much simpler to go get fitted. I am going to visit him this coming weekend and we just both geek out on the numbers trying different shafts, settings. I planned on buying a few shafts and then sell them on ebay if none really work, but just reaching out to you guys to see if you may have a pull-out driver shafts that you might consider letting us borrow? Not your gamer, just if you are not hitting it. Of
  2. Kevlar, Wow, its crazy that our journeys are so much alike! I mean totally! Even the part about holding back. I KNOW I am holding back a little now. When I swing a driver, especially on the simulator I don't swing it like I do outside. I think its subconsciously doing it because I am scared I will hurt my back again or smack the cage. Isn't it great to start back and be able to fix those flaws we had. OH I struggled with my hands trying to take over everything. I relied on good hand eye coordination in sports and then in golf you are supposed to turn your hands off. It was hard to do.
  3. Great advice MarvChamp! Thank you for sharing. Those are great ideas. I love the one about lighter clubs. I am going to check that out. I need to start doing strength training I know. I will be honest I don't know if I can enjoy golf if I don't play well. I hope I can...but I just don't know...I played college basketball on scholarship and that last game was over, I was lost. Golf became that "Competition Fix" I hope I can either get back playing good golf or learn to just take it as it is. Thanks again for your help! Curt Zippo, that is EXACTLY what I wanted to
  4. Hey guys, I never ever ever thought I would quit playing golf for 10 years and never thought I would come back after that long away! BUT I did, and I did! lol I went from avid golfer who lived on #2 tee of my home course. Played 4 or 5 rounds a week every week, and had for 20 years to none at all for 10 years and trying to make a come back now. WHY I QUIT My last round was final round of our club championship back in 2009. I finished 3rd, my best finish! I was excited about my game. I was playing the best golf of my life. I had gotten my handicap down to a 1.2. I had a weird
  5. Thanks guys for your help! I was hitting a Titleist 907 D1 with the blue Aldila Proto VS stiff Shaft. That was old technology then...so I know it is OLD now.. The reason for the D1 and not the D2 was a friend had one and I hit it pretty good BUT, I have been one of those lower handi-caps that like the "game improvement" irons and drivers. I never got into the "player" clubs. I don't know why...Maybe cause I didn't like to work the ball. I would rather hit a straight ball. I also like to give up a little in playability for forgiveness. Just never got into the blades etc. Thanks everyone fo
  6. Hello all, I was a VERY avid golfer for YEARS but hurt my back about 3 years ago and just couldn't play so I basically lost interest after being away for so long, BUT I want to try to get back. I was one of those that always had the latest everything...I was down to a 1.2 and as high as a 5 over the past 10 years, but I havent played but once in the past year (at a member guest) and really not much at all over the past 2. I am going with some buddies to play in Vegas before the Superintendents Show a few rounds. What driver is "hot" right now? I guess I don't want to spend the money f
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