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  1. Of all of the fantasies that I've had regarding the game over the years, I can say, without any hesitation, that this isn't something that ever entered my mind. However, I'd be willing to give Adam the nod as the hottest male golfer as long as Erik doesn't rat me out to Tiger. Rick
  2. Rickins

    None in One

    No holes-in-one for me. In fact, the closest I can recall was probably just inside three feet on a little 125-yarder. The thing that made it memorable was that it was during a makeshift "scramble" on a "closest-to-the-pin" hole and the foursome ahead of us included two of my brothers-in-law, one of whom had stopped his about four feet away while the other was video-recording my shot. Can't say a whole lot about the quality of the video footage but the remarks picked up by the camera mike were priceless though, as one might guess, somewhat off-color. (The family member I "bettered" was jumping up and down indicating that I had the "number one" shot. At least that's what I think the single finger he had raised high in the air meant. ) Rick
  3. Okay, Erik... How can an average golfer cut through the "hype" and make an informed, and intelligent, decision on the selection of new golf clubs? (Paraphrase if you like but I believe that millions of dollars are spent every year, by average players, based on the "perception" that new equipment will improve their games when the fact is that it doesn't.) Rick Jenkins Michigan
  4. The local muni where 80% of my rounds are played would be categorized as a "grip it and rip it" sort of course by the standards of the better players but the average player will find "chutes" off some of the tees and some narrow landing areas for average drives - ponds cut into the fairway and "strategically" placed trees and bunkers. Pretty typical... Rick
  5. Love the recommendations listed on Saint_Viper's attachment. My question about #3 is, "Secure my safety against what , exactly?" (Perhaps I don't really want to know... ) Rick
  6. Don't give up yet, Erik and Rafcin. I'll wait 'til it's here before I believe it but, they're predicting partly sunny skies with highs in the low to mid 60's in S.E. Michigan on Thursday and Friday this week. Might make it to you guys by the weekend. Great rounds for both of you. (Now I've got to find a course that doesn't close as of today. ) Rick
  7. Now, we're talkin'! While we're at it, I'd like to add the late Payne Stewart into the mix. As pretty a swing as I can remember. Rick
  8. True but he is French and their customs may be different than those of real people. Rick
  9. I don't seem to remember where the women's tours have openly, or discreetly, made any effort to push their members into the men's tour events. Far from it since it only serves to hurt the women's tours when a high-profiler "jumps ship" for a men's event as Annika did by skipping the 2003 Corning Classic to play at Colonial. (At least Annika had shown the good taste to stomp the daylights out of every professional female golfer in sight before accepting a sponsor's exemption unlike an unproven child we know.) Jean Van de Velde is proving absolutely nothing by attempting to enter the Women's British Open...other than displaying that his thinking isn't any more mature than that of a 10-year-old schoolboy. The vast majority of the ladies aren't to blame here and Van de Velde's foolishness is a disservice to all of the women who take their own tours seriously. Rick
  10. Rickins

    Line on Ball

    I generally pick a spot between the ball and the hole as a target and attempt to gauge the speed so that the ball will die to the hole from that point. Rick
  11. Congratulations, Jeff! You've gotta feel like a million bucks after that one! Looks like it got the remainder of the round back on track, too. Rick
  12. Sounds that way to me, Erik. Jeez, he even gave 'em a "read"... Rick
  13. Rickins

    Rolling 'em...

    Ooooh...that should be against the Rules! Rick
  14. Rickins

    Rolling 'em...

    I suppose there are two ways to look at this one, Larry. Like you, lots of folks are tickled to death to be in the fairway whatever the lie may be. (I've had more than my share of rounds where I've shared that sentiment exactly!) Others justify rolling 'em out of divots for the same reason that they're allowed to repair ball marks on the green, i.e. divots are an unfair "interference" created by another player. I may agree with the rationale to some extent but the Rules don't and that's what we have to live with. Rick
  15. Rickins

    Rolling 'em...

    Very true and goes, at least in part, to my point. The situations you cite are going to occur - hopefully not too frequently, but... I've asked myself a number of questions based on the responses to this thread and, in a sometimes roundabout way, they've always come back to whether, or not, I'm looking to improve my game. Okay, sure, who doesn't? A good start, I think, was going back to playing the game the way it was meant to be played. Just a start and not particularly noteworthy to anyone but me. The rest may, or may not, follow but I'm sure it'll include divots and deep rough. Oh, I just know it's going to include deep rough! Rick
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